Payday Loans Help, not Hurt, the Consumer, According to Recent Research

A no fax cash advance can help the average consumer, according to new research out this month. President Obama promised to "work to empower more Americans in the fight against predaroty lending", but ask the experts who study the financial industry and you'll hear a different tone. is here to dispel the rumors and offer facts about the no fax cash advance.

Online PR News – 26-October-2009 – – Opponents of the no fax cash advance claim that the industry exploits poor people by offering them loans with terrible terms. The reasoning here is that poor people don't know any better, and that the no fax payday loan makes it easy for poor people to get in to serious debt. The no fax payday loan is lumped together with actual predatory products like no-documentation mortgages, high interest credit cards, and credit-default swaps.

The news is, the no fax cash advance is nothing like those other products, and nothing at all like what the opponents say. As a matter of fact, our payday loan customers are not as poor as opponents would have you think. Seven or eight out of ten no fax payday loan customers make more than $25,000 per year and two out of ten make more than $50,000. Half have attended some college, and nearly all have high school diplomas. This surprising information is from the Community Financial Services Association of America. Critics of the no fax payday loan industry have a group, the Center for American Progress, and their studies have come up with the same statistics!

So, your average no fax payday loan customer is not as dim as opponents want you to think. They do know better, and they still choose to take out no fax payday loans. Why is this?

Here at, our terms are clear and our loans are simple. Our customer service is excellent, and we have repeat customers who have jobs, bank accounts. 90 percent of our payday loan customers repay their loans on time. And that's a statistic that's repeated in results of studies by the Community Financial Services Association of America, as well as state regulators. And this is compared favorably to the rates of payback on subprime adjustable rate mortgages, for example.

So you see, having access to affordable quick cash is important to thousands of people- our customers alone. Having a choice means being better able to manage your household budget. These customers are solid citizens with enough wits about them to make solid financial decisions, unlike the borrowers inaccurately portrayed by opponents of the payday loan industry.

To find out more about our no fax cash advance, visit our site at and see for yourself. Our terms are clear and our customer service is friendly.