Is Competition Between Facebook and Google Hotting Up? HP Group Think Not

HP Group SEO expert remains speculative about the true value of facebook and whether it really can compete with the search engine giant Google.

Online PR News – 05-January-2011 – – Google has long dominated the internet as the most widely used website/service. However, figures released today suggest it may have competition. An HP Group SEO expert speculates that these figures may not be a true reflection of the situation.

In the USA, Facebook acquires more hits in a day than Google itself and could explain why so many are keen to use this social media as an advertising platform.
Google is estimated to be worth 200 billion dollars but after investment of 500 million dollars courtesy of Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies (a Russian company), Facebook is now said to be valued at 50 billion dollars.

What’s attracting investors to Facebook is the advertising potential that is specifically targeted to Facebookers dependent on their tracked internet activity and therefore carries the potential for far better return on investment. It is said that Goldman Sachs are considering stumping up a further 1.5 billion of investment.

SEO expert Ben Milleare, from HP Group, is reserving judgement for the time being: “Facebook’s recent round of funding may well value the social network at a cool $50 billion but it’s true valuation will not happen until it’s much-speculated IPO takes place – originally speculated to happen this year but now generally assumed to occur in 2012. What is interesting to note is the fact that Facebook revenues for 2010 still only came in at around $2 billion – meaning it is operating at a slight profit at best.”

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