JustLook Face Recognition System supports Fast Face Matching

JustLook, a leading supplier for face recognition system, can recognize a unique face from a database of almost one lakh faces in one second. It supports fast face matching at the time of making a transaction.

Online PR News – 05-January-2011 – – JustLook, an India based IT Company, supplies face recognition system that can compare 1, 00,000 faces per second from a database. It supports fast face matching. The company is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and provides biometric face recognition system all over the country since a very long time. The feature is deliberately integrated into the system for quick recognition. It can rapidly search from many face templates stored in the database owing to its make. This aspect leads to faster identification at the time of transaction. This facet may particularly benefit companies with a large number of employees which may eventually increase sales.
This system is exquisitely designed to benefit large manufacturing units, thermal power stations, pharmaceutical companies, and other plants. These premises have a big staff to manage. Biometric face recognition system in such manufactory store thousands of face templates. If the face matching speed is low, it may get frustrating for the users. Considering these little luxuries of clients is important for JustLook. They design their face recognition system such that it can promptly search for a typical face from a database storing thousands of face templates. Clients can get their faces recognized faster this way.
A high profile company official states, “Customer satisfaction is our priority. This attribute enables us to enhance user satisfaction. They may never get irritated or confused at the time of using this device. The initial inconveniences of adapting with a new technology may also be eliminated.”
Another company executive remarks, “It may seem no nuisance initially. However, these little troubles are enough to wind somebody up. We want the best user experience for our products. These traits establish us in the market.”
The company has an expertise in dealing with face recognition system. It has been in this market since a very long time. Officials claim that this feature fetches it good response for the product. It deals in time attendance system, visitor management system, and access control system combined with biometric face recognition system. For more information on JustLook, please visit: http://www.justlook.co.in/
To inquire more about its products, please visit: http://www.justlook.co.in/contactus.aspx