SIMBA Seafood Traceability System Improves Productivity with Real Time Data

Redmond- WA – July 26, 2017 Dynamic Systems, Inc., a leader in Automated Seafood Solutions has updated SIMBA to now track production minute to minute.

Online PR News – 05-August-2017 – Kirkland, WA – Most Seafood Processors record plant production and inventory manually using paper and pen or spreadsheets. Although the system works it is time consuming and error-prone.

The SIMBA System now provides real-time information to Management for timely business decision-making. Operations can monitor each production line in real-time and identify bottlenecks or issues as they happen. And Finance can have inventory and shipping data automatically uploaded to their accounting or ERP system for immediate billing.

Plant floor data entry is accomplished seamlessly using touch screens which can be formatted to show each user only what they will need to select. Employees are able to quickly enter multiple attributes per production run, such as species, grade, color, area, etc., and print unique labels for each carton.

SIMBA’s traceability function offers granular data with depth of traceability unmatched. Track lots through processing, commingling and re-packing. Print audit reports with the punch of a button as soon as the items are packed.

The accuracy and speed of barcode scanning allows SIMBA’s inventory and shipping information to upload in real-time for sales and invoicing. Warehouse personnel use mobile barcode scanners to record carton and pallet locations and to ship against sales orders, work orders or log cartons into specific vans.

SIMBA Solves 3 Huge Problems: “SIMBA has been a great tool for our company. It solved three huge problems: Production Tracking, Traceability, and Shipping Accuracy. We would like to expand the system in the near future.”

About Dynamic Systems - Dynamic Systems has been a national leader in Barcode Tracking and Labeling Solutions since 1981. “Our focus has always been to deliver affordable systems that improve productivity and the bottom line for our customers. “We provide the entire system (hardware, software, training, and labels) and follow it up with responsive customer service”, states Alison Falco, President.

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