Organic SEO Company Explains How Natural Search Engine Marketing Works

Peter Crisafi, Vice President of one of New York’s leading organic SEO firms, offers a plain-language explanation of how business can benefit from natural search engine marketing .

Online PR News – 25-October-2009 – New York, New York – “It seems that everyone is talking about the benefits of search engine optimization and the conversation has been hyped to the point that many laypersons don’t really understand how search engine optimization works,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a New York City website development and Internet firm that specializes in organic search engine optimization (SEO) services for clients across the country. “It is important for website owners to grasp the true power of search engine optimization before they can be sold on it. Many SEO experts fail to recognize that simple fact.”

Crisafi admits that good SEO requires hard work from professionals who know what they are doing, but even if the methods of effective search engine optimization are complicated, how it works is not. Crisafi says that making a site visible to search engines is just one part of the equation and notes that effective Organic SEO should result in driving targeted visitors who are truly searching for what a particular site has to offer.

“This is where keywords come in,” says Crisafi. “A keyword refers to a term that is commonly used in connection with the subject of a particular website.”

When that website contains a reasonable number of references to those targeted keywords, it becomes more relevant to search engines and, specifically, particular queries, Crisafi says. Websites are then listed in order of relevance. However, Crisafi notes that the process is far more complicated.

“A website’s relevance can increase based on authority,” says Crisafi. “One way to do this is to basically wait it out because search engines give more authority and relevance to older websites. However, a website can quickly gain ground by constantly building authority by recognizing that search engine optimization is an ongoing process.”

According to Crisafi, search engine marketing is not only a way of marketing a website or product or service, but it is a form of communication and if a website is not communicating properly with search engines, it will never gain relevance and authority.

“Quality search engine optimization uses search engines to reach target viewers in an honest manner,” says Crisafi. “Understanding the relationship is easy, but understanding the language is an art.”

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