AdCare Health Systems calls on Atlanta based IT Asset Management Solutions Provider BOSS Solutions to provide an IT Cure

AdCare Health Systems Inc. selects DiagWin Enterprise, a comprehensive IT asset management tool for both IT assets and non-IT assets. For IT assets, an array of features enable the user to gather and manage IT inventory from their network workstations with ease and control.

Online PR News – 24-October-2009 – – OCTOBER 23, 2009 , ATLANTA, GA—
Whenever a workstation suffered a problem in one of AdCare’s facilities, one of three IT people would have to travel to the site to resolve the issue, says Carol Groeber, Vice President Management Information Services and Corporate Secretary. With such a small staff, the ability to control workstations remotely became very important, says Groeber. “When there was someone out of the office all the time, it really made it difficult. We needed the ability to assist our people more quickly and more than one person was needed to be able to help.” Although AdCare didn’t have any money specifically set aside for an IT asset management solutions tool, it didn’t take Groeber much to convince management of the need. “The problem got so large in the middle of the year that it was like „Find something! And so it was not budgeted,” says Groeber.

At that time, she received a serendipitous call from Suri Anantharama of BOSS the Atlanta based IT asset management solutions provider. “He called and gave me the Web site ( and I just went out and looked around. He provided to me some of their current clients to look at and to talk with. It just was a good fit,” says Groeber.
She did look at and reviewed many other vendors but “BOSS was far ahead regarding features offered for the price,” says Groeber. “I thought it was very reasonable. I had expected it to be a lot more.”
And she liked that BOSS “offered an integrated IT asset management solutions whereas others I looked at only offered pieces. I looked at some where it was mostly the inventory control and I may get the remote access, but I don’t get the help desk. I think the fact that you offered all of that in a package was a big strength.”
At first, the company bought DIAGWIN Enterprise™ to help it manage its computers remotely. After installation, the company was able to gauge the improvements.

“Just the simple things like having printer problems and maybe software that they weren’t utilizing correctly – we were able to help them over the phone instead of having to go out and find out that they were using it incorrectly,” says Groeber. “We saw immediate benefits.”
Being able to report on inventory was also very important. Groeber says the company “had a pretty good idea what our inventory was, but then it got way out of hand.” The built in DIAGWIN Enterprise™ reports feature also provided the documentation for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
About a year after installing DIAGWIN Enterprise™, AdCare started using BOSSAssist™, the integrated help desk option within DIAGWIN Enterprise™. Groeber only has one regret: “We probably would have rolled the help desk out sooner if I had to do it again. It really has been an eye-opener and has helped us get the communication piece under control better.”

“Because we are a publicly traded company, we have to meet SOX compliance,” says Groeber. And when the company did its initial SOX audit, the use of DIAGWIN Enterprise™ for reporting and to control the deployment of applications to workstations “showed that we were in compliance.”
The impact was greatest for those employees who were recording data into workstations for patient records. “When they had issues, we were able to respond to them quicker to keep them going.”
Groeber likes the level of support she gets from BOSS: “I think the support from BOSS is a big strength; whenever we have any questions, they are always there.”
To her colleagues in the healthcare industry who may be looking for a similar solution, Groeber has this to say: “Their products have made us more efficient. The BOSS solutions have enabled us work with our current staff instead of adding additional staff and costs. We can now help our users with quicker responses. BOSS has kept us more in control of where we are and what equipment we have. They really provided an organizational benefit.”

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