New Website Showcases A List Of Piano Quartet Compositions

A non commercial interactive website with a collection of known and unknown and rare compositions for paino quartet music

Online PR News – 23-April-2009 – – The piano-quartet ( violin, viola, cello and piano ) is for several reasons an underestimated combination. The string quartet and the piano trio are far more popular. Nevertheless has the literature for piano quartet an astounding amount
of very rich and beautiful works. All great composers have written for this combination very outstanding works, and also the lesser known composers has made many very rewarding pieces. For example the Germane, French and Slavonic literature is full of the best music written for this combination.

"The goal of this website is to open this treasure for anyone who wants to play piano quartet and to explore this unknown but so beautiful region," said website creator R.C.Gisolf. (

"For some thirty years I’m busy to collect the notes of piano quartets to play sight reading with my friends to learn all this unknown and very interesting music." said Gisolf

"This has resulted in a list of a thousand works, mainly due to some aficionados who shared their knowledge with me. The internet is also a new but very informative medium. This list is the core business of the website.""I have tried to give the whereabouts of the notes of each quartet as far as known.
Everyone who knows some piece that isn’t on the list is eagerly invited to contribute," said Gisolf

The website also attempts to give an inventory of the quartets from a number of countries with a short comment on each of them. Readers are warmly welcomed to add to this part. On the site it is clear which items need further attention.

"I hope that it will be possible, with the help of you all, to build further on the website and to further the love of the piano quartet and of the music written for this combination," concludes Gisolf.

R.C.Gisolf The Netherlands
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