Custom Encryption Ensure's Secured Storage of Office Documents, with 'iCube Office'

'iCube Office' provides NEW tool for Customer-managed key generation to encrypt/decrypt multiple files and folders, share access and securely store it in remote servers, in easy steps of simple file drag and drop movements.

Online PR News – 05-January-2011 – – Chennai, India, January 04, 2011 -- Recent incidents have proved that information leaks are caused by weak policies. IDC has reported that 75% of their IT respondents considered Security as their main challenge/issue to handle data on the web. When the world is fast losing its economic boundaries, the need to store and share data over the web has become imperative. Security of all data stored and shared is now protected by a new, customer-managed encryption program, designed and developed by Chennai, India based Owtsar Technologies for 'iCube Office'.

'iCube Office' ( ) has already implemented an encryption method for emails generated by its clients in three categories: a. confidential b. Secret & c. Normal. The categorization is for a system managed circulation control. Recipients can use any email account and do not require installing any application. They would be able to decrypt the file with a shared password.

Now with PUDocs, the application can encrypt any document, file or folder. Each user would have his own version of the tool but belonging to the same group. Those with whom the file needs to be shared will be included in the encryption process. The keys used for encryption need to be securely backed up and stored periodically, to ensure that the keys do not get corrupted.

The procedure to manage documents has been relegated to simple basic steps that anyone with little knowledge of computers can handle. A file can be dragged from the Documents folder and dropped onto the mails folder, and immediately an email compose screen with the document as an attachment would appear. Similarly an email with or without attachment can be dropped into the documents folder and a new document created with or without the attachment as preferred.

Customer contact handling has been made easier. By entering the customer reference number on the website, a Customer can straightaway access his accounts executive through a video/voice/live chat window. All correspondences and documents exchanged between the two would also be retrieved instantaneously and displayed together on both computers. If the executive is not available, the customer will be redirected to the next in charge. This has been envisaged as a money and time saving solution for both the business and the customer.

"The new 'iCube Office' has everything our competitions have and also what they do not have" said Mr. John Beracah Martyn, Marketing Director of the product. Spending $1 per user for one month would ensure that businesses can have a secured server managed by professionals in Secured data centers located in North America, UK or Europe, complying to stringent laws. In any case information would stay protected with the keys securely stored in a business locker, Mr. Martyn asserted.

More information is available at the iCube Office website. ( )

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