Sports Trainer-Nutritionist Rick Smith Introduces Mineral Infused Skin Lotions for Athletic Recovery

"Naturally sourced ingredients in synergistic formulations specifically designed for aches and pains associated with sports and everyday strain." -Rick Smith

Online PR News – 02-August-2017 – Providence, RI – LifeLotionSES products were developed by Rick Smith, a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer and motivational speaker for wellness and holistic health events. The naturally sourced ingredients in synergistic formulations were specifically designed to relieve the aches and pains associated with sports, workouts, as well as everyday strain and wear on the body. All ingredients are safe for the body and designed to create and maintain improved health. The LifeLotionSES product line supports performance, vitality and wellness by providing mineral nourishment directly into the skin, the largest organ in the human body.

SPORTY LIFE – Enhances performance and recovery before, during and after strenuous activities.

EVERYDAY LIFE – Reduces aches and pains from the wear of daily activities.

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SEASONED LIFE – Soothes mature muscles and achy joints.

VIBRANT LIFE – Cleanses, moisturizes, and softens all skin types.

Sporty Life:
In the words of Rick Smith, founder of the parent company, Life Development LLC:
"This lotion intersects a few of my life passions: certified personal trainer, certified, sports nutritionist, holistic health enthusiast, and motivational speaker. Any current and past clients will testify that I'm interested in transforming their minds as well as their bodies. Clubber Lang was asked in Rocky III, "What's your prediction for the fight?" Lang answered "PAAINNNN!" with a chilling laughter and no apology. "My clients have identified with that, as their intense workouts led to interruptions due to cramps. Through my research, I developed Sporty Life. Seeing my clients' elation as their cramping stopped during strenuous sessions, and watching them get back to business, has given me great joy. I don't claim that my lotion alone produces those results, but they are a significant part of the protocol in keeping them active and not sidelined by cramping or slowed by the painful aftermath of muscle soreness."

Everyday Life:
This lotion was designed for the everyday warrior, giving them a boost of minerals, extra anti-fungal protection as well as soothing relief.

Seasoned Life:
This lotion was designed for "life veterans", folks who are further along in the aging process, yet, still engaging their challenges head on, exemplifying their warrior spirit. It formulated to specifically address the aches and pains of aging muscles and strained joints.

Vibrant Life:
This breakthrough coffee scrub product resulted from a serendipitous "happy accident." while unsuccessfully trying to get some ingredients to mix into a new lotion. Because the viscosity was too dense, Rick Smith's mentor suggested he turn the lotion into a scrub. It turned out to be an amazing suggestion as the scrub quickly delivered calmer a more supple skin after just one application.

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