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Readers around the world have enjoyed Robert Stanek’s Ruin Mist, Kingdoms and Dragons books. The books have been translated into many languages and many editions. Earlier this year, Robert Stanek expanded his work through original comic books and now the fourth Delinna Alder comic, Discord (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #4), is being released.

Online PR News – 04-January-2011 – – Seattle, WA, December 08, 2010 -- Readers around the world have enjoyed Robert Stanek’s Ruin Mist, Kingdoms and Dragons books and their stories of the peoples of the kingdoms and the reaches. The books have been translated into many languages including Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Korean, and Vietnamese, and are available in a variety of print, audio, and ebook formats. “The Ruin Mist books are heroic fantasy,” said publisher Jeannie Kim. “They also have surprising depth and that’s one of many reasons the stories are so magical and enduring.”

In the Ruin Mist comic books, Robert Stanek takes readers back ten years from the events in the original stories to tell Delinna Alder’s story. “The back story of Delinna Alder has always been a key part of the original books,” said Jeannie Kim. “Scenes with Delinna always bring revelations and it’s why the Ruin Mist comic books are catching fire with Ruin Mist fans.”

Betrayal (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #1) begins with Delinna getting awoken in the middle of the night. Xith, Last of the Watchers, has returned after a long search and he’s brought with him one of the coveted Orbs of Power. When Delinna touches the orb, she is transformed forever and soon learns the lethal price of this transformation in Deliverance (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #2) and Rebirth (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #3).

“The orb is a catalyst,” said publisher Jeannie Kim, “But the love triangle involving Delinna is what’s attracting readers in droves. These tragic romances will eventually tear nations apart and destroy worlds and readers want to know how it all started.”

In the latest Ruin Mist comic book, Discord (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #4), Robert Stanek brings Delinna’s story full circle. “The writing is brilliant, just brilliant,” said comic book reader J. Walker. “The ending is fitting and it made me want to go back and read all the original (books) again. I did too.”

Publisher Jeannie Kim expanded on this comment, saying, “One of the things we hear often from readers is how they’ve worn out books with so many readings. Since the books are so hard to find in print, a lot of readers lend out their copies again and again to friends and family.”

Robert Stanek is the author of over 100 books. His epic series Ruin Mist Chronicles includes Keeper Martin's Tale, Kingdom Alliance, Fields of Honor, and Mark of the Dragon and was also released for young adults as The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches #1 - #4 and In the Service of Dragons #1 - #4. He is also well-known for his Bugville Critters children's picture book series. His books have been bestsellers on,,, and Apple iTunes. For more information, visit and

Discord (Ruin Mist: A Daughter of Kings, Comic #4)
Robert Stanek
RP Books & Audio
ISBN: 978-1-57545-253-1, $6.75

Full-color, deluxe-size, perfect-bound comic of approximately 5,000 words.

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere.
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