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The independent authority on the best web designing companies,, has announced the Top 30 Web Design Firms for January 2011.

Online PR News – 04-January-2011 – –, the independent authority on the best Web Design Companies, has ranked the best Web Design Firms for January 2011. Internet marketing and development has become a rising trend in modern day society. Almost every single company in the United States can be found through the internet and services can already be ordered online. In order to best prepare for starting a website for the company or to start producing services for clients through the internet, it’s important to be able to come up with a good plan for design and development for the company’s website. The team scrutinized each applicant seeking to be ranked in order to find the best in the industry. These firms were evaluated based upon an internally developed set of evaluation criteria by an experienced research team with

“Our evaluation criteria consists of core values that we find to be important for web design services that provide web strategy services for planning and constructing websites,” said Jeev Trika, Managing Partner of (

The Top 30 Web Design Companies for January 2011 are:

1.) WebiMax
2.) Web312
3.) Lounge Lizard
4.) DeepBlue
5.) HypeLife Brands
6.) 352 Media Group
7.) 61designstreet
9.) DreamSoft
10.) 3 Roads Media
11.) The Berndt Group
12.) Dot Com Infoway
13.) 2r creative
14.) 561 Media
15.) 2 Fish Group
16.) Studio 7 Designs Inc.
17.) 70plus2 creative design
18.) 118id
19.) EffectiveUI
20.) 3.7 DESIGNS
21.) 809 Design Studio
22.) Pear Logic, LLC
23.) Oxygen Productions
24.) Artworks Design, Inc.
25.) Rooster Ink
26.) POP Interactive
27.) Big D Creative
28.) Marketpath, Inc
30.) Cogent Designs, LLC.

An experienced research team is assigned to evaluate each firm according to the set of internally developed ranking criteria. The first criterion focuses on project analysis, which reviews the process by which a vendor analyzes the focus of the business and the possibilities for designing a website specifically for that business. The team also reviews the vendor’s ability to identify types of software that would be beneficial for the client and different components and protocols of which to take advantage.

The next criterion focuses on customer involvement. evaluates firms based on how they involve the customer and the information that they gather in order to come up with an effective strategy for the development and design of a website.

The third criterion focuses on the effectiveness of the strategy that has been designed. Questions include “Does the strategy handle multiple aspects of the stages of development and design for the website?” and “Does it cover different boundaries and obstacles to launch?”

Our fourth criterion is on the quality of service being provided. The team evaluates a firm for how they handle their service with the customer and the quality of service being provided. This is done through both evaluating service processes and listening to what the customer thought about the service being provided.

The final criterion is on the strategy depth or how far into the project the firm has developed the strategy which involves the question, “Is the vendor able to look through an entire website project and make sure that it can be done?”

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