Connecticut Private Investigator Explains How Investigation Firms Can Help in Certain Situation

Leading private investigator says that hiring a private investigation agency is a good idea for some people.

Online PR News – 03-January-2011 – New York, New York – “Most people think that they would never need to utilize the service of a private detective,” says Christopher Paoletti, Founder and President of Infidelity Investigations (, a Connecticut private investigation firm that specializes in infidelity cases. “Most of the general public may not ever have a need for a private investigator, but under certain distressful circumstances it may be warranted.”

According to Paoletti, one such circumstance may include when an individual is seeking justice after being a victim of a crime or when a loved one has gone missing. However, he says that the most common reason for hiring a private investigator is to catch a cheating spouse – something that his firm specializes in.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people try to handle a private investigation case on their own,” says Paoletti. “That rarely works, however, and the person can end up losing good evidence and even wind up getting hurt.”

Paoletti says that a private investigator knows where to start when it comes to such matters. They have the ability to act in a professional manner, have the resources to get the job done and the ability to ‘fly under the radar,’ which, Paoletti says, is essential to cracking a case.

"Trying to catch a thief or a to catch a cheating spouse aren’t the only reasons to hire a private investigator,” explains Paoletti. “When it comes to running a business, for example, knowing a potential employee’s background is important. A private investigator has the resources to ensure that a potential job candidate is the right fit.”

Of course, if the reason for hiring a private investigation firm has to do with an issue that may involve law enforcement, such as a missing person or the investigation of a possible crime, Paoletti says that it is important to contact the authorities before contacting a private investigator.

Established in 2001, Infidelity Investigations is a bonded, fully insured and licensed private investigation firm in the State of Connecticut, specializing in infidelity investigations, surveillance, background investigations, attorney investigation services, and GPS tracking. For more information, call 203-268-6319 or visit

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