dzine it Explains How Ecommerce Websites Can Benefit From Video in 2011

New York Internet marketing expert says that there are a few ecommerce video trends that will shape the New Year for online retailers.

Online PR News – 03-January-2011 – New York, New York – Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan web development and Internet marketing firm with clients from across the country, says that while large companies have tested and proven some new and exciting video trends for 2011, retailers who have been slow to become adept at video marketing will be left behind.

“Consumers have come to rely on the rich experience of online video and are starting to demand it as part of their shopping experience,” says Crisafi. “For this reason, those of us in the industry predict that 2011 will be the year in which ecommerce video becomes a standard in online marketing and retail sites.”

According to Crisafi, this holiday season, online retailers learned that, for consumers, it was all about price. But price, he says, is only part of the equation.

“Online video is the best way to demonstrate a product’s fine details, extra features and various functions, differentiating certain products,” says Crisafi. “Ecommerce video also provides online retailers with the ability to enhance the online shopping experience, allowing them to better engage with the comparison shoppers.”

Crisafi says that in 2011, video will also augment the growing power of social commerce. From daily deals to flash-sales, retailers are beginning to capitalize on trends set by websites like Groupon and Woot.

“Hundreds of well-known retailers have joined the party, using daily offers to stay responsive to their consumers,” says Crisafi. “The mass movement toward this type of ecommerce will force companies to search for a leg-up. In so doing, I predict that online video will naturally become a key component of social commerce.”

In 2010, Crisafi says that video became a conversion catalyst for online retailers. As the volume of online video increases in 2011, ecommerce website owners will have to become more responsive to consumer demands. Serving up product videos, however, won’t be enough to quench their thirst

“In 2011, online videos will become more pervasive,” says Crisafi. “This is why every serious online retailer will need to come up with a plan to compete in the video arena.

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