BizOmart Launches Video Personalization Technology Software - VideoWhizz

BizOmart proudly raise the curtains for a cloud-based, feature-packed offering Videowhizz to help you draw leads, boost audience engagement.

Online PR News – 28-July-2017 – Rajasthan, July 28, 2017 – BizOmart always surprises online marketers with its feature-packed products that prove awestruck for the struggling newbies and niche owners. This time the offering is going to amaze even more, yes! BizOmart introduces its prime cloud-based software – VideoWhizz, identified as the one-stop-solution for video marketing strategies.

Product Launch on JV ZOO Affiliate Network-Calendar Dates – 4th August 2017, Friday, 9:00 AM EST (3 hours only for Early Bird)

“We are super thrilled to introduce this one-of-a-kind, multi-utility and feature packed software – VideoWhizz. Marketers always thirst for getting quick leads and fast conversions which can be achieved greatly to an extent with the help of a high-quality product/service video. But with our prime software, you can not only add the much-required personalized touch to your videos but also, channelize your earnings exponentially.” Insights shared by CEO BizOmart, Dr. Amit Pareek.

Dr. Amit Pareek has been in the Online Marketing industry for 8 years and is consistently working in building tech-solutions that add value to the marketing and sales process for newbies, small business owners and E-com site owners.

VideoWhizz is a simple yet super-effective tool, yes, a tool as it supports features that could help add utility in terms of personalizing videos to prospective customers by adding name and geo-location. The promo videos can be added seamlessly to any e-mail and with any of the top autoresponders.

Apart from Personalization, Videos can be made more professional through integration of Notifications or more commonly which marketers define as Pop-ups. These lead capturing attractions can be defined On- Page Load, On-Page Scroll, On-Delay and On-Exit or anywhere in between the duration of the video.

Now something that this Video Personalizer amazingly delivers is the ability to make the videos engagement rich. A visitor can be approached through its 360° engagement mechanics. Lead Apps, Promo Apps, HTML and Share Apps can be smoothly synchronized within the videos through the available templates. An effortless way to redefine the monetization plans for marketers, bloggers and solopreneurs as they can gradually locate upsurge in profits.

Marketers can boom their affiliates-earnings, create multiple business channels, define public/private view, assign password protection, get complete customization of video player, effortless integration with the auto-responder are few other benefits that marketers can advantage their video marketing strategies with.

Visit – ( for in-depth feature knowledge about VideoWhizz functions.

A sneak peek at the pricing model of this Genius – Smartly tagged for the Front-end edition at $17, with the basic features. Functionalities offered get upswing with the Upsell 1: Elite edition at $77.

Enterprises can elevate their businesses and spark their video marketing campaigns with the Upsell 2 – Enterprise Edition, marked at $97. Upsell 3 – Reseller Edition Available at - $97. BizOmart always stupefies the marketers with the Price Tags as, the services offered multiply the benefits multifold