Quick Pick Removalists, one of Melbourne’s fastest growing packers and movers, recently launched an easy to use online furniture moving cost calculator.

Online PR News – 01-January-2011 – – Quick Pick Removalists Melbourne, one of the leading packers and movers with expertise in removals of furniture, office equipment, pianos and pool tables from one place to another within Australia, has introduced a new online removalist job calculator. While the other companies charge different rates to different clients, Quick Pick Movers have launched the online rate calculator with the intention of charging a uniform fee to its customers. Another benefit is that it allows clients to more accurately predict the cost of their move.

The simple moving job calculator gives users an accurate idea to users about the cost that would be incurred in moving their furniture from one place to another. The calculator comes up with a rate based on five different parameters. They are the size of truck, day of the week, number of staff, property type at source and property type at the destination respectively. The rate is calculated immediately and shows the charge per hour and the expected total cost of the job on your computer screen. The user has to input the above mentioned five parameters in order get the correct estimate. In addition to that Quick Pick Removalists generate a quotation online based on the request of the user. It also facilitates bookings to be done online at free of charge through its website, which can be found at www.quickpickmovers.com.au.

Quick Pick Removalists are known for their reliable services for relocating goods such as home furniture, office furniture, commercial furniture, pool tables and pianos within and outside Melbourne at a low and affordable cost. They are specialists in relocating pianos. They are a company equipped with highly experienced professionals and expertise.

You can book almost all moving services online, but many people like to speak to a removalist before booking because they are more certain it is arranged correctly. Bookings for a service, Quotations and rates, could be obtained by any person just by visiting its website. Quick Pick Removalists provide additional moving tips on their website for clients to refer. With so many features presently in hand, the introduction of this online moving cost calculator has added a feather on the hat of Quick Pick Movers.

The reason for the removalist calculator was to help prevent people being mis-quoted for a removalist job. Especially on the internet low prices are advertised by many movers, but they are inaccurate or do not include different costs, so people end up feeling cheated when the final cost is presented to them. Quick Pick Movers for example operate on all days including Sundays and public holidays, but the price on these days is higher and they want clients to be aware of that before deciding to book their service

Quick Pick Removalists use appropriate packing materials for each and every item in order to ensure safe and sound relocation of the materials. They have links of their website to relevant businesses to help with this if needed, such as packing, storage and carpet cleaning. Quick Pick Mover assures compensation for the damages caused to the things while relocating. They adopt a systematic packing mechanism to pack and unpack things with the utmost care and concern. They have a successful history of relocating even delicate things like aquariums.

Quick Pick Removalists have been known for their reliable and quality service. It has now proven its integrity in charging the clients clearly by the introduction of this online moving cost calculator. The online moving cost calculator system will undoubtedly increase the respect for the company among its customers.

Get accurate removals pricing from Quick Pick Removalists Melbourne is easy with their cost calculator to see who are cheap removalists Melbourne and who is not.