The Golden Bean coffee awards winners were recently announced and Carlini Coffee won five different medals for the quality of their fresh coffee beans.

Online PR News – 01-January-2011 – – Carlini Coffee Company picked up five medals and ranked second overall at the recent CSR Sugar Golden Bean 2010 competition held at Port Macquarie in a classic tale of David versus the Goliaths.

The event attracted more than 300 Australian and International coffee companies submitting over 1000 entries, the biggest coffee competition in Australia (larger than similar events in Europe and US) and widely acknowledged as the industry’s peak awards.
Carlini Coffee Company won medals in each of their categories including Silver medals in the highly contested Milk-based and the Overall Event and collected Bronze medals in Espresso, Organic Espresso and Single-Origin.

“These competitions are an essential reference point for ranking a coffee company’s product performance – stripping away marketing, excessive hype, the personalities and other distractions so a level playing field is established with calibrated judging assessments” says Jeff Carlin of Carlini Coffee.

“It’s an interesting time right now for coffee in Australia - generally regarded around the world as a benchmark in coffee excellence. With such a high standard and more than 300 suppliers waging epic battles for the right to claim great coffee, there is literally no end to the methods coffee companies now employ to either attract new customers or to take from each other” says Carlin. “On paper, the stakes appear high - almost every outlet relating to food or leisure now serves espresso and when combined with the increased numbers of homes showcasing shiny new coffee equipment on the kitchen bench, we have developed into a nation that clearly has a major love affair with quality coffee, a sophisticated palate and a high daily caffeine quota”.

“The challenge for today’s leading roasters is akin to top chefs - just when you think you have it right, tastes will shift and you need to unlock the next secret in order to keep creating appealing coffee – it’s a complex science” say Carlin. “Coffee is trending behind the wine industry by a few years and we are now seeing quite rapid changes in customer buying patterns towards online purchases. Whilst wine tends to improve over time, coffee is the opposite and well informed consumers know coffee needs to be just as fresh as their own fruit and vegetables. Many of the traditional coffee distribution channels just can’t deal with the demands for freshness so customers are increasingly turning to the internet to buy fresh coffee” say Carlin.

Carlini Coffee Company, a Melbourne-based Specialty Roaster provides private-label services, solutions for cafés and manages leading online coffee and tea provider www.mycuppa.com.au.

Carlini coffee sells bulk coffee beans to businesses and other coffee lovers. They are also well known for their fairtrade coffee beans,which meet the highest certifications.