Facial Plastic Surgeon Gives Away Free Botox/Dysport For A Year

Stein Plastic Surgery is the among the few facial plastic surgery centers in the Raleigh area designed to make the facial plastic surgery experience itself rewarding.

Online PR News – 01-January-2011 – – Raleigh, NC, December 31, 2010 -- Marking the ultimate evolution of plastic surgery from extravagance to lifestyle mainstay, Stein Plastic Surgery ( http://www.steinplasticsurgery.com ) in Raleigh has unveiled its New Year Special. The New Year special from the double board certified facial plastic surgeon reflects much about the evolution of plastic surgery and gives a year of free Botox/Dysport to patients who are having the top "must have" eyelift procedure in 2011 at a price that is almost equal to their Botox/Dysport treatments.

"We hope that when clients experience the transformative effects of an upper eyelift and fine wrinkle correction, it will put the sophistication and sparkle back into their eyes."

Continuing as a pioneer in his field, internationally renowned and a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Adam Stein is driving plastic surgery into the realm of sophisticated services for all those wanting a more long term answer to the aging face.

Plastic surgery used to be an exclusive service limited to the rich and famous. Not anymore. With free Botox/Dysport for a year as part of an upper eyelift at non-surgical pricing, plastic surgery is now a life-enhancement option for everyone.

And with this broader appeal has come a more sophisticated and all inclusive approach to delivering services. "People want their plastic surgery experience to be luxurious and loaded with value," says Dr. Adam Stein, Stein Plastic Surgery's founder and medical director. "They want to improve their lifestyle and appearance, and they want the process to please and surprise them with targeted solutions they cannot afford to pass by."

Stein Plastic Surgery is the among the few facial plastic surgery centers in the Raleigh area designed to make the facial plastic surgery experience itself rewarding.

Stein Plastic Surgery created its New Year’s special. "We developed the special based on feedback from our patients," Stein explains. "People told us they wanted their eyes to get the bright and perky look that reflects the women they feel they are today and they wanted those fine wrinkles around the eyes to go away along with their eyelid overhang. But they wanted this at a price that was like their non surgical treatments. The special was designed to give them both and make the experience with it memorable and elegant.

"We hope that when people experience this comprehensive rejuvenation they will tell their friends and family how sophisticated, fun, and affordable the plastic surgery experience can really be," says Stein.

The New Year special includes complimentary consultations for the eyelift procedure. If appropriate for the client it can lead to the renowned Stein upper eyelift makeover. New Year special recipients receive a complimentary consultation with Dr. Stein and are examined thoroughly to confirm their suitability for their procedure prior to the eyelift.

"We are very attuned to the service imperatives of our clients - some of the best value shoppers in the world," Stein explains. "Our goal is to bring this same superb taste, service, and elegance found at only the best cosmetic experiences in the world."

"The New Year’s special reflects our entire approach to making plastic surgery both elegant and affordable," concludes Dr. Stein. The center can be reached at 919-261-7099. The center’s web site can be reached at: http://www.steinplasticsurgery.com

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