16 Years of Entertainment, Cirque Du Soleil – Alegria Continues its Magic all Over the US

Earlier in its review on Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria, the Houston Press reported that it’s one of the most watched live shows and has been performed multiple times in front of jam-packed audiences. The director of Alegria expressed his joy on the show’s website and is overwhelmed by the response that this extraordinary show has received.

Online PR News – 01-January-2011 – – According to the Houston Press, Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria stands by its theme of jubilation and has been bringing joy into the lives of people for almost 16 years now. The newspaper honored the show for its creative excellence and stated, “Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria showcases the creativity of a human mind and the diverse capabilities of the human body”. It further stated, “Everything about the show is unique and exceeds all expectations”.
In an interview with the show’s creators, Houston Press learned that Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria is inspired by the invention of the Internet. Alegria artistic assistant, Sheryl-Lynne Valensky said, “The explosion of change and the opportunity to do things in a new way inspired us to come up with the concept. Like the internet knows no bounds, the same is the case with Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria. You never know what to expect when you step into our world”.
Alegria production manager, Mike Newnum stated, “Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria has many jaw-opening moments and it takes several man-hours to come up with foolproof production”.
Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria is currently visiting all the major cities in the US. According to the information released on the official website, next in line is the Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria in Houston show, followed by Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria in Phoenix and Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria in El Paso. The Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria Hidalgo show will continue in 2011.
Despite running for such a long time, the enthusiasm for the show hasn’t faded. Scott Briggs from TicketLuck.com stated, “It is mindboggling the way tickets for Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria sell. People buy tickets well in advance and those who are late, are willing to pay any price to get them”.
The show’s creators are humbled by the fans response and promise to show their gratitude by always coming up with new and ingenious material.
About Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria
Premiering in 1994, Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria celebrates the evolution of time, combining the old and the modern eras. The show has been directed by Franco Dragone while Gilles Ste-Croix serves as the director of creation. Cirque Du Soleil- Alegria embarks on a worldwide tour every year.