"Arts of the Islamic World" Exhibit Opens at Houston City Hall

Islamic Arts Society announces the opening of "Arts of the Islamic World" Exhibit at Houston City Hall

Online PR News – 19-July-2017 – Houston, TX – Islamic Art dates back to the 7th century and consists of the arts produced in lands inhabited by Muslims. It covers numerous places and people over the course of some 1,400 years. Islamic Art is not limited to religious art. It is also seen in day to day utilitarian objects as well as in architecture. It encompasses the rich and diverse cultures of Islamic societies.

In spite of this diversity, certain underlying themes and similarities unify and link the art across the Islamic world. These include architecture, arts of the books (calligraphy and manuscript illumination), and arts of objects such as ceramics, glass, textiles and metalwork. Each of these was decorated with calligraphy, geometric patterns, arabesque, scrolling patterns, and floral or plant designs.

This exhibit by the Islamic Arts Society of Houston artists, provides a glimpse of the diversity and richness of arts in the Islamic world.

The exhibit is showcased at Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby St., Houston TX 77002 and will be on display from July 3rd through August 31st, 2017.

Mayor Sylvester Turner scheduled to attend reception on 25th of July at 5pm at the Legacy Reception Room at the City Hall. Reception is by registration only, please email info@islamicartssociety.com to book your eat for the reception.