Widely Published Urologist Launches New HIFU Website

Dr. Bilowus aims to use website to highlight benefits of promising prostate cancer treatment

Online PR News – 30-December-2010 – – Reston, VA – Dr. Mark Bilowus announces the launch of a new website. The website aims to teach patients about the benefits of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU, for men struggling with a prostate cancer diagnosis. The website’s secondary goal is to bring new information to the marketplace about the viability of HIFU as a treatment, as well as providing information about how men can pursue the treatment if they wish.

When asked about HIFU as a treatment option for prostate cancer, Dr. Bilowus said, “My goal is to find the least invasive treatment options for my patients. Because of the location of the prostate, many treatments cause life-altering side effects, including incontinence and impotence. I believe that men shouldn’t have to sacrifice their quality of life to fight their cancer, so I offer information about HIFU, which can effectively destroy cancer while avoiding these common side effects.”

The new website is filled with information about HIFU, including details about the treatment, potential side effects and comparisons with other conventional prostate cancer treatment options. “The goal,” says Dr. Bilowus, “is to showcase this treatment while still providing information about the alternatives, so patients and their partners can make informed decisions about treatment.”

As of 2010, HIFU has not received FDA approval for use as a prostate cancer treatment in the United States. The new website tells patients where and how they can pursue treatment if they decide HIFU is their best option. “Treatment is available,” states Dr. Bilowus. “We want men to know this, and we want them to know how to go about getting this potentially life-saving therapy.”

Currently, those interested in HIFU treatment need to travel to international treatment centers. Through the newly-launched site, Dr. Bilowus provides information about making these arrangements, and also helps patients determine whether or not they are good candidates for prostate cancer treatment using HIFU.

About Dr. Bilowus

Dr. Mark Bilowus runs a private urology practice in Reston, Virginia, and also works with Virginia HIFU, which operates out of the Reston Hospital Center. His recently launched website, http://hifucancertreatment.com, teaches patients about High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU. This innovative prostate cancer treatment option uses sound waves to destroy the cancer while sparing surrounding tissue. To learn more about Dr. Bilowus or HIFU treatment for prostate cancer, visit www.hifucancertreatment.com.

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