Used Tractor Tires Can Help Farmers Save Money
12/30/2010 has unveiled its new web portal to help farmers save money by buying and selling quality and inexpensive pre-owned tractor tires. The web portal has helpful articles, tips and links that cover all there is to know about second-hand tractor tires.

Online PR News – 30-December-2010 – – Los Angeles, CA 1/4/2011 - has announced the launch and unveiling of their web portal dedicated to helping farmers find cost-effective ways of replacing their worn-out, damaged or otherwise unusable farm tractor tires.

“Farm owners are understandably becoming more and more conscious about repair and maintenance costs, especially for expensive purchases such as tractor tires. What many of them do not know is that replacing broken and old tractor tires need not break their wallets. In fact, in many cases, they can even make money off of them,” says chief editor James Weller.

The web portal aims to be a one-stop resource point for farmers who want information and advice on how to find cheap, quality and bargain second-hand or slightly-used tires. As the people behind the project notes, it can be very expensive to repair broken tractor tires or purchase new ones. They even argue that new tires are not entirely necessary given that many online auction sites offer second-hand tractor tires that are as good as new. Second-hand tires are especially ideal for situations where only one of them needs repair or replacement.

Farm owners may also make some money out of old, unusable tires. There is a constant demand in online auction sites and farmer supply stores for vintage tires that may just be sitting idly on farmers’ backyards. Helpfully, the web portal provides plenty of advice on how to get the best deals for them.

“Farmers everywhere should know that having a broken tractor tire does not automatically mean they have to break the bank as well. Pre-owned tractor tires offer a completely reliable and definitely less expensive alternative to new ones.They offer similar, if not equal levels of performance as well. Even better, old and unused tires lying around their farms can also be sold to many online auction sites for some extra money to add to their farming budgets,” explains Weller. “Here at, it is our goal to share useful, practical and up-to-date information so they can make informed and effective purchasing decisions.”

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