Working White English Bulldog site offers breed registration and records online

The Working White English Bulldog Association provides breeders and owners with the means to permanently register, record the heritage of, and ultimately preserve the future of the White English Bulldog.

Online PR News – 22-October-2009 – – Many websites and breeders may not be offering the true original Working White English Bull dog, and the WWEBA offers registration information, pictures, and other resources to help buyers determine the true heritage of this extremely rare dog breed. The White English Bulldog may also be known as: English Whites, Southern Whites, Old Southern Whites, Hill Bulls, American Bulldogs (forebearer of the original American Bulldog), and several additional names according to the location from which they came. Full standards and information can be found at:

The White English Bulldog has always been, and continues to be, a farm utility dog, as well as a trusted family guardian and companion. The WWEBA breed standard has strict requirements to ensure that the dog breed is the most true to its original form. Due to the rarity of this bull dog, guidelines and requirements put forth by the Working White English Bulldog Association ensures that all dogs to be of stable temperament, while possessing the structural and athletic ability required for farm utility work. The WWEBA breed standard reflects the ideals of foundation breeders. These foundation breeders are individuals who have preserved the White English Bulldog, mainly in the southern United States, for many generations. Please view the discussion forum at Discussion Forum:

Due to the prevalence of other breeders possibly cross breeding with other dogs, the Association reserves the right to revoke registration on any dog that does not comply with our accepted breed standard. Full standards and information can be found at:

Founded by a group of devoted, like-minded individuals, the Working White English Bulldog Association is dedicated to recording the history of this versatile foundation breed, and securing its place in the future.

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