AC Aiken Colon Tool Supply / Knipex Pliers & Hand Tool Company Integration Complete

Just a year ago, the only place you could acquire a Knipex hand tool was from a distributor overseas.

Online PR News – 20-January-2009 – – Dateline: Tempe AZ January 19, 2009

Just a year ago, the only place you could acquire a Knipex hand tool was from a distributor overseas. As of January 2009, Aiken Colon Tool Supply (AC Tool Supply, Inc.) teamed up with the Knipex Hand Tool & Pliers Company (Germany) to help distribute the Knipex product to a new market, the US. Knipex is considered by many to produce the best hand tools in the world. Knipex specializes in the development and production of high-quality pliers and is Europe's leading manufacturer of these products. Knipex is a fourth generation, family owned company that started in 1882. All of their manufacturing operations, from forging (including making the forging die) to packaging, are done in their 516,720 square-foot production facility in Wuppertal, Germany. This allows Knipex to maintain stringent quality control standards and to co-ordinate all aspects of the manufacturing process

Knipex focuses their wealth of knowledge and expertise on pliers. Knipex has consistently backed their claim to be the best hand tool manufacturer in terms of quality, innovation and efficiency. Their success is assured by 800 qualified employees whose greatest assets can be attributed to the advanced manufacturing training provided by the Knipex Company. Knipex pliers satisfy the highest expectations in terms of performance, ergonomics and service life. Their products are designed to meet the requirements of professional users, who must be able to rely on their tools in day-to-day work. With over a thousand styles and sizes, Knipex offers a complete range of pliers for almost every application in trade and industry. Jason Kaylor, Vice President of Sales of AC Tool Supply, had this to say during a January press conference, “It was a complete fit with our (AC Tool Supply) demand for high end hand tools and electrical products. Knipex utilizes its hand tool design for both technology and ergonomics. They have proven themselves to be in high demand from today’s industries and trades." "Before we were able to fully integrate their product into our current system, we had a very large number of inquiries from utility companies, electrical contractors, hospital maintenance departments and other trades interested in these European hand tools. That’s what really pushed us to seal this deal." "Knipex has been known throughout Europe for their high quality hand tools and design for years. They export over 60% of their products worldwide and they wanted to take the US market by storm. We felt it was the right time to get on board.” Kaylor continued.

One of their most popular pair of pliers is the Knipex 86 07 250 Pliers Wrench, a pair of pliers and a wrench in a single tool. Other unique designs include: The Knipex Cobra Water Pump Pliers, and the Knipex Alligator Pipe Wrenches.

In the tough wear and tear of everyday use, Knipex pliers meet the challenge to the fullest extent. In terms of material and construction, they are designed to function as heavy duty tools and deliver the high load bearing capacity and long service life. Innovation and high performance are not only characteristics of the tools they make but are the key elements in their production engineering. Their state-of-the-art production machinery ensures that they produce consistently high precision hand tools at a very economical cost ratio.

AC Aiken Colon Tool Supply now features many of the unique Knipex designs including pipe wrenches & water pump pliers, a complete line of 1000V insulated hand tools, linesman combination pliers, wire strippers & cable dismantling tools, cable and wire cutters, concrete masonry and tile nippers, and even a full line of network installation tools.

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