iHealthcoalition.org Helps Consumers Understand The New Health Insurance Reform Bill

iHealthcoalition.org Helps Consumers Understand The New Health Insurance Reform Bill

Online PR News – 30-December-2010 – – PRESS RELEASE: Phoenix, AZ, 29-DEC-2010: iHealthcoalition.org is pleased to announce the recent expansion of their services to include assistance for individuals who may be confused about the new Health Insurance Reform Bill. This bill is very complicated and has caused a lot of confusion for individuals looking for family health insurance. In answer to the many questions they have received, iHealthcoalition.org has added comprehension information about the aspects of the bill that will affect individuals in the next ten years.

The Health Insurance Reform Bill is designed to expand health care services to over 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured. While the bill has been hotly debated, most people do not know how the passage of this bill will affect them or their families. In order to take advantage of the upcoming changes in health insurance it will be important that people are knowledgeable and educated about their options and choices.

Mark Miller, representative of iHealthcoalition.org stated recently, "In order for consumers to make the most cost effective and beneficial choices for family health insurance, it is important that they be educated and knowledgeable about how the bill will affect their coverage. We are taking the lead in providing the important information that people need to make the best decision about their health insurance."

Individuals wishing to learn about the details regarding the Health Insurance Reform Bill and the steps they can take to be covered fully in the event of illness or injury, visit http://www.ihealthcoalition.org/family-health-insurance/ today. The following contact information is available to members of the press who would like additional information with regard to this specific release.

Name: Mark Miller
Company: iHealthCoalition.org
Email: markmiller@ihealthcoalition.org
Phone: (602) 481-9233
Address: 12 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85050 USA

Individuals who are well informed about their options for family health insurance will be able to make the best decisions about the type of insurance to get. By knowing what to expect from the Health Insurance Reform Bill and how it will affect you personally, iHealthcoalition.org has created a centralized location to get all of the information that you want.