Dr. Robert Schwartz, Greenville, SC Heads International Panel For Continuing Education Program

Dr. Robert Schwartz of Greenville leads an international panel with a Continuing Medical Education Program (CME). Dr. Robert Schwartz in Greenville will address several issues related to diagnosis and treatment of RSD and CRPS.

Online PR News – 29-December-2010 – – GREENVILLE, SC -- Greenville, SC's Dr. Robert Schwartz will be spearheading an international panel of renowned medical professors and physicians who are working together to create an innovative education program for those working in the medical profession. The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program will be introduced at the annual meeting of the South Carolina Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, held in cooperation with the annual meeting of the South Carolina Medical Association on April 30, 2011.

Dr. Robert Schwartz - Greenville, SC's top prolotherapy physician - will be leading the international panel of physicians, practitioners, and medical professors at the meeting. The meeting will focus on a challenging area of medicine, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, sometimes referred to as RSD, and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, often called CRPS. Medical personnel will discuss a number of topics, including how medical thermology can aid in the treatment and diagnosis of patients, improvement of physician knowledge of the guidelines for clinical diagnosis and novel treatment options for patients with CPRS/RSD.

RSD and CRPS are complex, unusual diseases that are often misunderstood by doctors, commonly misdiagnosed, under-diagnosed and incorrectly diagnosed. With no single definitive test available to prove or disprove a diagnosis of CRPS, increased education, including detailed understanding of the symptoms, is crucial. Medical Infrared Thermography is uniquely suited to objectively measure and map the skin temperature changes that occur in CRPS, especially RSD and its variants. CME that brings clarity to thermal imaging results will help the physician community better understand, diagnose and treat this disorder.

"Currently, patients with CRPS face difficulties with successful treatment because there are so many widely different treatment options. With emerging new therapies for CRPS also on the horizon, finding the right approach for patients can be problematic. The CME Program will focus on helping physicians and other medical practitioners better understand the symptoms of CRPS and the impact it has on patients' daily lives. The CME program will also educate participants about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. “I'm looking forward to working with the other medical personnel at the SCMA-South Carolina Society of PM&R’s CME program and hope that through it we can help patients all over the country,” said Dr. Robert Schwartz (http://www.piedmontpmr.com).

Dr. Robert Schwartz, Greenville, SC's leading expert on RSD and CRPS, will moderate presentations on CRPS/RSD & Thermal Imaging, highlighting the importance of Medical Thermal Imaging or Medical Thermography as crucial diagnostic tools. Medical Thermal Imaging and Medical Thermography offer several advantages over other diagnostic technologies such as MRI, Ultrasonography, EMG or Pet scans.

The American Academy of Thermology (AAT) advocates increased use of thermal imaging by clinicians in order to improve diagnosis and understanding of a variety of diseases. AAT acknowledges the current and future need for additional CME programs in order to expand the understanding of the science behind thermal imaging and the application of heat asymmetry patterns in a clinical environment. The AAT supports Dr. Robert Schwartz. Greenville, SC in his efforts. Dr. Schwartz’s medical practice is home to his continuing efforts to educate other physicians and clinical practitioners about RSD, CRPS and treatments.

Joining Dr. Robert Schwartz of Greenville, SC, will be a distinguished panel of experts, including Marcos Brioschi, MD, of Brazil; Ho-Yeol Zhang, MD of Korea; Hisashi Uruki, MD, of Japan; Kamayni Agarwal, MD, of Germany; Ashish Shanbhag, MD of Spartanburg, SC; Kurt Heitman of Greenville, SC and Srini Govindan, MD of West Virginia.

About Robert Schwartz, MD:
Robert Schwartz, MD is a leader in innovative medical methods of treating pain without resorting to the use of opiate-based pain relievers or surgery. He has over twenty-five years of clinical experience and a history of implementing innovative multidisciplinary treatment protocols that result in exceptional patient outcomes. His dedication to relieving pain in his patients ensures that all facets of their pain are addressed.

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