Moving Christians Announces Dedicated Real Estate Agents in Perth

AUSTRALIA (December 2010) – Moving Christians announces dedicated real estate agents in Perth, Australia. These agents are dedicated to customer service.

Online PR News – 29-December-2010 – – Real estate agents in Perth are truly dedicated to the best interests of their client’s needs. This does not just pertain to obtaining the highest price when selling one’s home, but also in helping the seller through the process emotionally. Selling a home can be a strenuous process especially if a family has lived there for an extended amount of time. This home is a place filled with memories and can be difficult to sell. Real estate agents in Perth understand all this. Therefore, they are committed to helping a seller in any way possible.
In Perth, the real estate agents at Moving Christians focus on communication with sellers. The agents spend a great deal of time talking with the sellers and trying to determine their goals for selling the house. Together they discuss the listing amount, what changes may or may not need to be done to the house prior to listing, and how quickly the sellers want the house sold. A lot of time is taken during these discussions because the real estate agents want to be sure they understand what the sellers are seeking.
The real estate agents will spend time with Perth sellers in discussing how the selling process will work. This includes letting them know that people will come through their house and provide feedback which could be positive or negative. Many sellers have difficulty with this part of the process which is why these real estate agents are committed to their sellers. Obtaining the best price for the house is one of the priorities, but without the support of the sellers the real estate agents know they may not receive top dollar.
Real estate agents in Perth are just as committed towards potential buyers. The agents have established many informational packets and online resources about Perth including shops, stores, churches, and schools. The agents spend as much time with potential buyers as they do sellers. When taking potential buyers on a house tour, they will often point out local attractions to help buyers understand the type of community they may be living in.
Moving Christians announces a dedicated team of real estate agents in Perth. Getting the best price for sellers and buyers is a goal, but working for their clients is the most important aspect of their job.