The Accent Coach Announces Apps to Help with Public Speaking

Several apps have been developed to help people improve their public speaking abilities or even just to get over the fear of speaking in front of others.

Online PR News – 12-July-2017 – Vero Beach, FL – Several apps have been developed to help people improve their public speaking abilities or even just to get over the fear of speaking in front of others. Since a lot of people carry their smartphones and tablets with them, these apps can help them practice and develop the skill of public speaking in their spare time. Claudette Roche, the Accent Coach, says it is important to find new and interesting ways to develop this skill regardless of what business they are in.

VirtualSpeech is one such app, which allows a person to practice speaking in front of an audience. The user can select the type of environment they will be speaking in and an image will appear. Some examples include a boardroom and a large conference room. Avatars appear to be reacting to what the speaker is saying, which will mimic what the person can expect in real life. Orai is another app that is relatively new. It allows users to record them speaking. The app rates them on various aspects of public speaking such as clarity and how often they use filler words. Users can keep practicing until they receive a good score.

Each of these apps work on a different aspect of public speaking. One deals with the fear of being in front of a crowd while the other one focuses on the technical aspects of speaking to an audience. Like these two apps, there are others that allow a person to work on developing this skill. A person can search on iTunes or Google Play to find various apps that will allow them to practice. Roche recommends practicing to improve technical skills or to become more comfortable with being in front of a crowd. However, she says these apps don’t replace real experience. “No app or practice session can replicate the exact environment of a live speaking engagement,” she says. The best way to get better at speaking in public is to do it more often.

A speech coach can help a person improve their technical skills which will in turn help boost their confidence. They will learn how to enunciate and speak clearly so they are understood. This ensures that the audience continues to follow along. As Roche explains, a person must assume that at least some of the attendees are there because they are interested in the topic of the speech. If they can understand the speaker, they will be more likely to pay attention.

As Roche explains, becoming a good public speaker doesn’t happen overnight. Not everyone is born with the talent of speaking in front of people, but a person can develop it like any other skill. It helps to practice and to work with others who can provide guidance. These apps can offer the benefit of convenience, and a speech coach can teach the skill, but nothing replaces experience. After a person survives the first attempt at public speaking, the next times will get easier.

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