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12/29/2010 is one of the best places to discuss all kinds of consumer problems. Users will be able to post their complaints and grievances here in this forum and get help from the other users.

Online PR News – 29-December-2010 – – New Delhi,Delhi NCR-Consumers very often face problems with the products they buy or the services they hire. There is no proper consumer forum where these issues can be addressed effectively. Customers often put up with problems and inconveniences despite paying their hard earned money to hire a service or buy a products. There are consumer courts in India but people hardly ever go to a consumer court as they think that consumer courts are equally corrupt or that it is too complicated to deal with consumer courts. As a result, many consumer complaints go unheard.

For customers that have been lamenting about lack or resources regarding these issues and about lack of proper guidance, comes as a great consolation. This is an independent forum where consumers that have consumer complaints but do now know whom to approach or where to go can post their complaints and get help from the other forum users. Many customers forego their rights for good products and good services just because of their ignorance. They often do not know the options available to them. serves as a great platform where consumers can share their grievances and vent out their frustrations. They also possibly get some solution for their problems or suggestions on how to deal with their specific consumer problem from those how have already faced such problems. Most of the consumer problems can be resolved easily only if people know where to go to get their problems resolved. Customers need not have to fight their battle alone; they can get quick help from others who have effectively resolved their problems. It can be highly consoling to note that there are people that have faced the same problems and that they have found suitable solutions for their problem. is an absolutely free forum. Users just need to register to take part in the discussions and to post their complaints. This is a very clean forum which tries to help people find quick solutions to their consumer problems. To know more about this forum and to take part in the discussions please visit

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