FutureCarbon exhibits at the fair Composites Europe from 27 through 29 October in Stuttgart

FutureCarbon presents its brand-new products Carbo e-Therm and CarboDis

Online PR News – 22-October-2009 – – FutureCarbon GmbH is a leading supplier of ultra-high-quality, semi-finished and finished products based on carbon nanomaterials and carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) for industry, especially in the area of automotive, aerospace, energy, engineering and construction.

FutureCarbon possesses specialist know-how in the production and dispersion of these materials in the most diverse systems. Our aim is to provide solutions tailored to custom requirements.

This year too, FutureCarbon GmbH is attending Composites Europe, the trade show for composite materials from 27 through 29 October staged in Stuttgart.
Among the FutureCarbon exhibits will be Carbo e-Therm and CarboDis.

Carbo e-Therm is a high-efficiency, electrically heated coating that consists of an aqueous dispersion on an acrylate base with special carbon nanomaterials. Our unique dispersion capabilities and the excellent properties of our carbon additives combine to produce extremely high figures of electric conductance (surface resistance down to 20 O/❏).

So a non-hazardous low voltage can be applied to heated polymer coatings manufactured with Carbo e-Therm even at high heating power.

That opens up a wide selection of very different applications for Carbo e-Therm. These innovative coatings can be used in the automotive industry, in building industry and the production of special-purpose machinery. For more information please visit our website.

CarboDis was developed to give our customers a form that is as general-purpose as possible for working multi-wall carbon nanotubes into very different hydrous or water-compatible systems. Used as a semi-finished product for varnishing and adhesion, it improves electrical conductivity – compared to systems filled with carbon black and graphite the mechanical properties of plastics can be maintained or even improved.
CarboDis can be used as an additive in the manufacture of antistatic synthetic flooring and coatings, and only small quantities are needed for it to demonstrate its effectiveness. In addition to improving electric properties, CarboDis can also have a positive effect on mechanical parameters such as resistance to abrasion by its use in coatings.

Nanotubes are optimally dispersed by a multi-stage process developed inhouse, and stabilized by the use of additives. This produces a particularly low viscosity of less than 100 mPas for a shear rate of 100 s^-1.

All dispersions are offered to standard with a content of 1 weight % and 2 weight % CNTs. For certain applications these concentrations can be increased to 4 weight %.

To meet requirements for non-aqueous semi-finished products, customers may inquire for dispersions in a variety of solvents with different CNT concentrations.

The innovative Bayreuth-based company is presenting its new products in hall C2 on booth C37.

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