Lockton’s Sports Insurance to Include Amateurs and Agents

Variety of tailor made sports insurance products to cater professional footballers, agents and local sport associations. Lockton Sports offers personalised services and great insurance products.

Online PR News – 29-December-2010 – – For immediate Release

Lockton covers all bases with bespoke sporting insurance policies

London, United Kingdom, December 16, 2010 – Lockton Sport (www.locktonsport.com) knows there are more people opting for sports insurance than full time pros. That is one of the reasons why the company has developed its bespoke sporting insurance policies: so that amateurs, and semi professionals, can get the cover they need to protect their incomes in the event of an injury or enforced retirement. Agents are looked after too, as are managers and promoters – as Lockton looks to make sure that everyone who relies on a sport to safeguard an income is protected against the vagaries of his or her game.

Amateur sports men and women used to be among the worst protected players of any game. Thanks to Lockton Sport, the amateur is now able to play his or her game in peace: knowing that any injury that prevents the person from going to the job he or she does to earn money, will be paid for by his or her sports insurance policy. When a regular amateur (some unpaid players play every weekend in their regular job. That can be catastrophic if the amateur is the primary earner in the home. An insurance policy from Lockton Sport can take care of the family while the injury is treated and the player goes back to work.

Agents and promoters can get a pretty raw deal too. Again thanks to Lockton Sport, anyone who relies on the performance of other sports men or women for his or her income can protect himself or herself with a sports insurance policy designed specifically to cover agents, promoters and managers. There used to be a lot of financial uncertainty out there in the sporting world – now, thanks to Lockton (www.locktonsport.com), there is hardly any.

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Lockton Sport is a UK based specialty sports insurance provider offering insurance coverage to both amateur and professional players along with sport agents, promoters, clubs etc.

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