Wordpress Plugin, FreeStockCharts Live Stock Charts Browser, Cross 700 Downloads

FreeStockCharts Live Stock Chart Browser plugin for Wordpress crosses 700 downloads, showing the growth of financial sites using Wordpress and the added value of live charting platform on a site, a feature that many financial sites still do not have.

Online PR News – 29-December-2010 – – December 29, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA - The first Wordpress plugin developed by, the FreeStockCharts Live Stock Chart Browser, was released on the Wordpress Plugin Repository in late October 2010. The plugin recently crossed 700 downloads. This highlights the rapid growth of financial sites and blogs using Wordpress and the added value of a live charting platform embedded in a site, a feature that many financial sites still do not have.

The plugin creates a widget for the site owner to insert live streaming stock charts, stock market data charts, and forex charts in their sidebars and other wigetized areas. Powered by the FreeStockCharts widget, this plugin allows visitors to dynamically switch between different 7000+ stock symbols offered by FreeStockCharts, customize chart settings to their liking, and choose from more than 70 technical indicators and studies. Combined with the Widgets on Pages plugin, the latest version of FreeStockCharts Live Stock Chart Browser plugin can be added to page or post and no longer limited to smaller sidebar and footer widgetized areas.

The Worden Brothers’ product FreeStockCharts has become a popular charting software tool for both investors and traders by offering free real-time charts with a full suite of tools and features often only available with paid software. This plugin packages the full power of FreeStockCharts into a widget that traders and investors using Wordpress can simply drag and drop into their website. Many financial professionals such as CNNmoney’s Fortune, Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD, StockTwits Premium Blogs, and Barry Ritholtz’ website are all powered by Wordpress. The Live Stock Chart Browser plugin is designed to enhance visitor’s experience on any Wordpress site. Visitors to these sites can check stock charts live while reading the articles, market commentary, and stock analysis.

“Our goal is to make investing and trading more accessible to the consumer by exposing the public to a wide variety of credible products from highly reputable companies and individuals. is a great site that provides highly customizable stock charts and forex charts, so we wanted to create a way to seamlessly integrate these live charts into any Wordpress site,“ explains Shane Ouchi, marketHEIST co-founder and CFO.

“Worden’s TeleChart 2007 stock charting software is an essential tool for many professional stock traders. We were ecstatic when Worden launched, basically giving away TeleChart 2007 in a web browser for free. With many of our clients needing market charts on their sites, we started developing this plugin. In the spirit of Web2.0 open source codes and social sharing, we are excited to make this plugin available to all Wordpress users, adding value to their sites and enhancing visitor experience,” explains Jeffrey Lin, marketHEIST co-founder and CEO.

The FreeStockCharts Live Stock Chart Browser plugin can be downloaded from the Wordpress Plugin Repository . Plugin updates, demos, and discussions can be found at .