WOW Megastore Hits Record Sales

Last month WOW Megastore increased its sales by over 300%.

Online PR News – 22-October-2009 – – Last month WOW Megastore increased its sales by over 300%. WOW Megastore is run by Matthew Lovett the teenage entrepreneur who was compared to Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook by the BBC. The BBC also stated that Lovett is well on his way to make his first million. Carol Vordermen also recommended Lovetts company in one of her weekly magazine articles. Lovett who made his fortune from cashback sites. Cashback sites where recently featured on the BBC's the one show. After many successful business ventures Lovett has now turned his attention to WOW Megastore.

WOW Megastore is an online retail store offering customers great deals on many popular brands. If you want cheap dvds online or the cheapest music then WOW Megastore is the place to shop. Many consumers are turning their back on high street stores and looking to online retailers such as WOW Megastore, Amazon and eBay in order to save money.

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For more information about WOW Megastore call 0121 683 6934 or visit the WOW Media website.

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