Terrorism and Google

After so many failed terrorist plots in the UK, Australia and the US between 2002 and 2009, there's a good chance that Al Qaeda is going to change its tactics drastically. This is the opinion of Dick Detering, who is an Internet security expert and search engine optimization specialist.

Online PR News – 22-October-2009 – – The entrepreneur, who, in 1999, also predicted the current economical crisis in the US, explains: "There are rumors spreading in terror organizations, that Al Qaeda is currently focusing on Internet companies, particularly on Google. Google has offices all over the world that are not secure. For Al Qaeda it would be a great opportunity to defeat the US on its "own territory", the Internet".

According to Detering, we are actually dealing with an explosive situation, which could have consequences that are comparable to the aftermath of 9/11. "Can you imagine, that Google offices all over the world, are being destroyed and employees killed? That would mean that the economical leader of the Internet, (comparable with the US as world economy leader), would be down in one blow. And Google would be unable to survive such attacks, because the "Robot" mainly depends on offline "elements" like staff, offices and computers. If these are destroyed by Al Qaeda, then Google simply does not exist anymore", says the Internet expert.

Detering, who is the owner of 3 websites offering Free Top google ranking, cheap website hosting and Free domain name search, has the opinion, that especially Google, but also the other big boys like Yahoo and Bing (MSN), should pay much more attention to their security situations. The entrepreneur concludes: "In California I saw with my own eyes how weak the protection of Google's head office is, let alone all the offices located in other parts of the world. Their staff and equipment are extremely vulnarable. My emails to Google about this dangerous situation were never answered. Let's just hope for the best".

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