Redesign Unit Draws Clients to Innovative Services

Redesign Unit professional web redesign services provide a wide range of web redesign offers. With free evaluation, start with redesign of two pages and redesign the entire website to enhance lead conversion rates.

Online PR News – 22-October-2009 – – Clients across the globe have begun to engage innovative services in the global web redesign market. There is flush of enquiries and already conversion rates have begun to show encouraging signs for the redesigning team. Most evaluations are accepted with little or no amendments. offers a suite of redesign solutions from an innovative team. The redesign team draws its strength from experience and expertise across various web technologies by servicing global clients. The team assists clients to engage in giving a fresh look to their website to create unique, stylish and usable designs for the website and grow business by reaching unreached new customers.

Redesign Unit team helps design website to upscale to new web standards with cutting-edge and emerging technologies, like Adobe Flex Technologies, to promote redesigned website by bringing higher conversion rates.

Redesign Unit aims to fulfill 3 important clients’ business objectives:

• Keep abreast with new emerging web design standards and state-of-art technologies
• Enhance user-friendliness of the site to increase conversion rate
• Undertake timely evaluation of website performance

Today, the customer is very conscious and compares your website with competitors. Before you lose to your competitors it is better to have a regular evaluation or audit of your website through various means of web analytics. Even after you have a tab on the web analytics seldom does it convey the bigger picture of visitor’s dissatisfaction or indifference?

Redesign Unit’s innovative web design team has developed 100s of websites for global clients successfully from scratch for less than a decade now. During the course of web development the team has kept pace with emerging technologies and trend in designing websites. This vast experience scores high on helping clients evaluate their websites, free by the company for redesign.

After having recently launched its redesign services, most the company’s evaluations of client’s websites have been accepted with few or no amendments.