Food Network Chef Robert Irvine to Guest on Change Your Attitude...Change Your Life

Food Network Chef Robert Irvine to Guest on Change Your Attitude...Change Your Life

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – Little Falls, NJ – Worst Cooks in America (and those who may not be so bad) unite. Host chef Robert Irvine, will guest on Change Your Attitude…Change Your, Sunday, January 2, at 9 am EST on New York’s AM970 The Apple, to talk about how to apply kitchen strategies to every day life. The interview can also be heard live at Food Network’s Season 2 of Worst Cooks in America will premiere the same night at 9 pm.

In addition to Worst Cooks in America, Chef Irvine is also the host of Food Network’s Dinner: Impossible, and the new show, Restaurant: Impossible.

Chef Irvine began his career in the Royal Navy, which he credits for teaching him about teamwork. According to Irvine, it was the navy that taught him the discipline and leadership skills that he applies to his business and personal life.

“When I went in the navy I was very cocky and confident. I learned there that it wasn’t all about me. The navy taught me about teamwork which I really didn’t get until I got there,” said Chef Irvine. “They almost kicked me out because I wasn’t helping other people. My grades were amazing, my uniforms and drills were, but I wasn’t helping anybody. They turned that around very quickly.”

“Military service teaches you teamwork, leadership, discipline, respect, and self-confidence. These are skills that you need in life. They apply to my shows and to the way I run my own restaurants. These are building blocks for life.”

Irvine takes pride in his leadership and notes that many people say they have a boss, but his employees have a leader. Irvine’s leadership skills are evident in the premise of each of his shows.
Worst Cooks of America premiered in January 2009 as the highest rated show in Food Network history. Chef Irvine is hoping to surpass last year’s numbers with Sunday’s premiere. Along with co-host, Chef Anne Burrell, Chef Irvine will once again attempt to transform the country’s most hopeless cooks through a grueling culinary boot camp.

In his newest show, Restaurant: Impossible, which premieres January 19 at 10 PM, Chef Irvine will strive to save America’s most desperate restaurants from impending failure in just two days with a budget of only $10,000.

“In this show, we look for restaurants that are close to bankruptcy and I go in and talk to the owner and staff to find out what’s going wrong. They then give me 48 hours to fix the restaurant. That can mean interior design, remarketing, retooling the kitchen, redoing menus and retraining staff. Really focusing in on why that restaurant is not working,” said Chef Irvine. He added that the principles and lessons learned can apply to any business today.

In addition to hosting his television shows, Chef Irvine is a published author and the owner of Robert Irvine Eats restaurant located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

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