Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible

Vi-Tel Wireless is a brand new Direct Sales business opportunity, led by CEO & Co-Founder, Scott Rogers.
The Co-Founders of Vi-Tel Wireless combined years of experience in Direct Sales, Retail and Customer Services to build an income opportunity designed for the individual and sales team seeking an answer to these challenging economic times.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – The Co-Founders of Vi-Tel Wireless combined years of experience in Direct Sales, Retail and Customer Services to build an income opportunity designed for the individual and sales team seeking an answer to these challenging economic times. Offering products that people want and are willing to pay for even on the tightest budgets. Eliminating the many barriers to success financially that may have been experienced in other opportunities. Vi-Tel Wireless’ Co-Founders are driven by their motto, “Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible!”
Vi-Tel Wireless starts their Independent Sales Representatives off with a personal replicated website to market their business. Vi-Tel Wireless offers products and services from T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, DISH Network, and wireless security systems from Front-Point. Additionally, Vi-Tel offers nationwide authorization to market CLEAR Mobile High-Speed Broadband services from Clearwire. Giving a Sales Representative’s customers more choices in one place is Vi-Tel’s goal. Customers can buy directly from sales representative’s replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized independent sales representative of Vi-Tel Wireless themselves. Vi-Tel Wireless is a Direct Sales business model and focuses primarily on taking the products and services directly to the consumer.
What’s really unique about the Vi-Tel Wireless income opportunity is that they offer the sales representatives the ability to advertise online using customer recognized, name brand products, leaders in the wireless market. Name brands customers recognize from premier wireless Companies with reputable customer support and satisfaction credibility behind them.
Vi-Tel Wireless offers prices that are competitive with even the largest retailers enabling their Independent Sales Representatives competitive in marketing their products and services.
Vi-tel Wireless offers a unique compensation plan for those who choose to become Independent Sales Representatives. Their compensation plan rewards the sales team builder, but also the individual who prefers to just be rewarded for their personal sales efforts, part-time or full-time. This includes the unique ability to be promoted to the very top of their compensation scale solely on an individual’s personal sales efforts with no recruiting of other sales representatives required. Not many direct sales opportunities or even sales jobs make that possible.
Vi-Tel Wireless has also eliminated the break-away that occurs in some Direct Sales compensation plans when a sales representative’s personal sales team members surpass his or her own sales achievements. Vi-Tel chose to do this because their Co-Founders wanted to always recognize that without the efforts of the sales representative sharing the Vi-Tel Wireless opportunity, it might not have been possible to find other top sales talent.

To become an authorized Vi-Tel Wireless Independent Sales Representative or business, Vi-Tel charges a minimal initial set-up fee and monthly support fee which provides the sales representative with; commission accounting services, a personal compliant replicated website, online training resources, helpdesk support, and access to marketing tools. Vi-Tel Wireless recognizes that money is hard to come by in these challenging economic times, so they offer a very low cost of entry which can be immediately recovered through their Fast Start Bonus program.
Vi-Tel Wireless’ online e-Market Center offers marketing tools like promotional merchandise, compliant ad copy, and compliant business cards. The e-Market Center resources are all designed to help the sales representative build their customer base and expand their sales force, while also respecting the trademark and brand name rights of our premier service providers.
Vi-Tel Wireless offers the sales representative the ability to earn override bonuses immediately to put more cash in their pocket faster. They offer unlimited income potential for the sales achiever and the sales team builder through their Six-Ways to Earn compensation plan that offers matching bonuses, six-level generational pay, and even a Company-Wide Profit Sharing Bonus.

Vi-Tel’s Co-Founders welcome sales professionals and people seeking income supplement or replacement to take a closer look at the Vi-Tel Wireless business opportunity at VitelWireless.Com. or by calling their Corporate Headquarters at 877-778-8997.

Vi-Tel Wireless is led by their Co-Founder’s passion for their core principles and values published on their website. Their core values also embrace the Direct Selling Association’s “Code of Ethics”. These core values are also replicated on every Vi-Tel Wireless Sales Representative’s replicated website.
What this means to the consumer and potential future Vi-Tel Wireless Sales Representative is that they should expect Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Credibility and most of all Trust from those representing Vi-Tel Wireless.
Their Co-Founders also realize that the seasoned professional in the Direct Sales industry has heard these same promises from many other companies. The co-founders also know that even their motto; “Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible!” may still only be nice words on a website. They know that only through their actions will they “earn” your trust and share the same passion as the Co-Founders do for making it possible for their Independent Sales Representatives.
To find out more about the Vi-Tel Wireless business opportunity or products, call 877-778-8997 or email them at