Asiabizsetup Assists Foreign Individuals and Companies Acquire Singapore Employment Pass

Applicants for Employment pass are either employees receiving an offer to work in a company in Singapore or investors wishing to relocate to Singapore and personally take care of their company.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – Applicants for Employment pass are either employees receiving an offer to work in a company in Singapore or investors wishing to relocate to Singapore and personally take care of their company.

Either way, all applicants are expected to meet the qualifications defined by the Ministry of Manpower.

“An Employment pass is exclusive to professionals seeking to occupy a position such as executive, administrative, or managerial in a company,” retorts Raj Beng, adding that shareholders, members of the board, and any other corporate officers may also need a similar pass should they desire to hold on to such positions in a company registered in Singapore.

The Ministry of Manpower expresses clearly that Singapore looks into the educational achievement, career path, and salary earned by foreign professionals as indicators of eligibility. Because they are expected to be professionals, almost all applicants, says Beng, “must have earned their Bachelor’s degree and or post-graduate studies from an acclaimed university or college.”

Prior to the offer of employment in Singapore, the applicant must have been earning a monthly fixed salary between S$2,500 and S$7,000, and equipped with years of work experience.

“A foreigner, highly skilled and has completed a tertiary education, a P pass type shall be bestowed upon him or her,” adds Beng, signifying that a difference in the salary amount classifies further the type of P pass furnished, “P2 is issued when salary starts at S$3,500 and P1 is for S$7,000 monthly salary earner.”

Q type of Employment pass is for a foreigner who merits S$2,500 and showcases ‘acceptable’ degrees and specialist or professional skills.

Employment pass holders are qualified to work in any sector of the economy. Neither they nor their employers are subject to a levy. And under certain conditions, their spouses and single children below 21 years of age may be brought to Singapore to live and work by securing a Dependant pass.

Companies offering employment to foreign nationals are obliged to shoulder the expenses and initiate the application process of the latter’s Employment pass. Preferably, they look into a professional company to take care of such process.

Foreign investors, shareholders, and directors cannot obtain an Employment pass unless their company is successfully registered in Singapore.

Asiabiz Setup handles both company registration and application of a labor pass for foreign investors and professional employees in behalf of their employers. Among others, Asiabiz Setup offers accounting and payroll services, as well as nominee services for position such as resident director and shareholder.

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