IITS Introduces Its Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Marketplace

ArriveNEWS publishes new HVAC-focused website to connect buyers & sellers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for commercial markets

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – Islip, New York – Now that winter is officially here, companies nationwide are seeking energy-saving heating solutions to heat their building efficiently. ArriveNEWS.com, a division of Industrial Leaders, publisher of the American HVAC Equipment Directory, says it offers companies a wide variety of products and services when it comes to heating and cooling at http://www.industrialleaders.com/listings/hvac_equipment.html The company said its directory includes a wide selection of HVAC systems and equipment from primarily US-based manufacturers and distributors offering commercial heaters, insulation, ducting, ventilation, heat exchangers, chillers, air conditioners and allied equipment for commercial and manufacturing facilities.

Conrad Bailey, spokesperson for ArriveNEWS, founder of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS), said the publication includes a separate and independent HVAC Equipment Marketplace enabling companies to buy and sell heating and cooling products at http://www.industrialsaver.com/classifieds/index.php/cat/128 According to Bailey, the online HVAC marketplace provides access to an established online store and various catalogs from suppliers featuring offers for furnaces, heat exchangers, chillers, coolers, commercial AC units, HVAC controls, insulation, parts, standard & OEM systems, air filtration systems, humidifiers & dehumidifiers, split systems, packaging rooftops and other HVAC solutions.

“Based on the principles of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, HVAC systems and its corresponding equipment is an innovative mechanical engineering design and achievement widely utilized in many industries across the globe,” said Bailey. He added, “ArriveNEWS is committed to bringing a wide range of new and standard heating, ventilating & air conditioning technologies to the manufacturing marketplace locally, nationwide and beyond by introducing buyers with manufacturers and distributors worldwide involved in HVAC as well as HVAC&R industries.” Bailey went on to explain today's manufacturers and owners of large industrial and office buildings are more aware of today's importance on saving energy and thus, will find ArriveNEWS to be a valuable resource to meet such needs.

About ArriveNEWS

ArriveNEWS.com is an online industrial expo organizer and producer of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS 2010). The site utilizes a simple platform to showcase its exhibitors by using online videos to demonstrate a wide range of innovative industrial equipment, machine tools and technology offered by manufacturers across the globe with emphasis on products made in the USA at http://www.arrivenews.com/iits.html

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