The Evolution Of Digital MP4 Players From The Archaic Walkmans!

Do you like storing pictures or video files? Do you like your mobile devices to have all the latest features? Then Mp4 players are the perfect gadgets to fulfill your craving. Leave the old fashioned walkman behind you and look forward to the latest Media box players. With their versatility and compactness, media boxes deserve to rule the globe!

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(888)-ISHOPITaThe old walkman of 80’s had a stumpy battery life of about an hour. Moreover the cassettes would wear out, and how many times did you have to fish you favourite tape out with a pair of tweezers? The original Walkman introduced a change in music listening habits, allowing people to carry their own choice of music with them. It was followed by the portable CD players with a faintly enhanced battery life. It was so outsized and jumping tracks was a certainty with the slightest bit of movement. After a lengthy stay they were superseded by MP3players.

An MP3 player is a type of a digital audio player. Digital music files can be stored in the built-in memory and organized, as well as played in such a player. This overcame the problem of the CD’s to be kept with the CD players. The main advantage of MP3 players over CD players is their size and storage capacity. MP3 players are more compact and handy than CD players, and the size of a flash drive.

Though MP3 players were a success, they cannot be used to store or view pictures and video files. This led to the evolution of the MP4 player. It can be used to view text files, images as well as videos. MP4 players with hard drives can be bulky due to large memory and the players with flash memories have smaller screen, but MP4 players support more formats than any of its predecessors.

Ironically, most of the players do not support videos in MP4 format!! The next generation of Digital MP4 players is the Media Box. The Media Box’s are enhanced with features like PDF readers. The Media Box Max offers a built camera and eBook reader, whilst the Media Box Touch also has Touch Screen. The media box offers unrivalled specifications for a low cost. All Media Box digital mp4 players are shipped with dual memory with a 1GB Nano Flash chip. This is then accompanied by, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of memory for storing your media. The media box is the perfect all in one multimedia device.

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