Eventsbot Introduces Innovative Event Management Software for a Successful Event

Eventsbot, a renowned event management company, introduces a multitasking software to organize the process of events in the most effective manner to make them successful.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – Eventsbot has developed a new software for event management system to accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices in the world of marketing. Eventsbot is a comprehensive guide to help organizers across the globe to organize, create, manage and promote their events, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, fairs, shows, etc.

Eventsbot's online event management software is well known in the world as it plans, promotes and manages the events successfully. It is really beneficial for both the organizers and the attendees. The biggest advantage of this software is that it allows users to buy tickets of events directly from the website. can accept credit card payments too. Event management software minimizes maximum paper work and therefore, eliminates manual work.

Event management software, the most sophisticated tool of, streamlines the registration process of an event. It also allows organizers to use emails to send multiple invitations to attendees and to observe every minute details like ticketing details, attendees information etc. One of the senior managers of the company says "our innovative software is available at the most reasonable price along with several unique and advance features like one-click reporting option, configurable data-based fees and registrants payment processing etc."

The software for event or meeting management system is a multitasking software that has become very important for the convention centers, businesses places etc. to fulfill their purposes. It allows the organizers to add, remove or edit the details of the event by just logging on. They can have a view of all the process and progress of the events.

About Eventsbot: Eventsbot, a pioneer in organizing and managing events, introduces an innovative and user friendly software for attendees and business professionals to register, create and manage an event with just the help of mouse at ease.