Announces New Line Of Hydroponics Growing Systems

Hydroponics gardening is rapidly growing and so is the demand for better hydroponics equipment is too. has now announced their new growing systems with tons of new features. It seems that Mini Greenhouse Kits are positioned to become an important player in the hydroponics market.

Online PR News – 22-October-2009 – – Online Home & Garden Manufacturer & Distributor Adds Range Of Hydroponics Equipment, Recognizing Increasing Demand & Innovative Technologies

Lafayette, LA October 14, 2009 -

Not that it ever went away, but gardening is going through something of a resurgence. A new generation is discovering the rewards of gardening, including many people who have little to no outdoor space to call their own. Even apartment dwellers in densely populated cities are finding ways to let their green thumbs go to work with rooftop and indoor container gardening, greenhouse gardening, and increasingly, hydroponic gardening is becoming the method of choice with people who simply don't have any earth to till and those who want to keep a garden going year round.

The Lafayette-based home and garden manufacturer & distributor Mini Greenhouse Kits announced today that they will be carrying a new line of amazing hydroponics systems and other gardening products. The announcement is certain to come as very welcome news to the growing number of people who are interested in this alternative gardening technique. The company plans to carry a variety of products from manufacturers including Botanicare, AeroGarden and GroClone, including some of the very popular ebb & flow style hydroponic systems, as Best Garden Gift's Whitney Segura announced today:

"The ebb & flow method of hydroponic gardening has attracted a lot of newcomers to the idea of indoor gardening; it's easy to set up and maintain - it's elegant in its simplicity. An ebb & flow system can be as simple as a reservoir, a tray, fill and overflow tubes and a pump. The simplicity and user-friendliness of ebb & flow hydroponic gardening gives these systems an especially broad appeal and introduced many to the joys of gardening who otherwise might not have had the chance."

"We know that there's a lot of people out there who've read about hydroponics and want to be able to do a little gardening, even if they live in a small apartment. We've also been getting a lot of inquiries from people who want to keep up some kind of garden through the fall and winter. As an avid gardener myself, I certainly understand that. Hydroponics allow anyone to discover their inner gardener and really, I think that's why you're seeing such a groundswell of interest. We've been planning to add these products to our offerings for some time now, but it was obvious that it was time to make hydroponics an important part of our product line," says Segura.

Given the widespread interest and rapidly growing demand for hydroponic systems, even portable greenhouses, and other gardening supplies both of the traditional and alternative varieties, it seems that Mini Greenhouse Kits has tapped into the national zeitgeist and is well positioned to become an important player in the hydroponics market. Especially in light of the company's long standing commitment to supporting green organizations and environmentally practices, today's announcement should come as little surprise; nor should it if this Lafayette company becomes synonymous with online garden supplies.


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