Dr. Ava Frick, Animal Physical Therapist, Called "St. Louis' Own Animal Whisperer"

Dr. Frick's practice provides animal chiropractic care, animal joint pain relief, pet arthritis services, K-9 sports medicine, nutrition assistance, animal rehabilitation, services for geriatric animals, bio-frequency diagnostics, underwater treadmill therapy and more all found at AvaFrick.com.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – Union, MO, December 28th, 2010 - According to news station KSDK-TV in St. Louis, Dr. Ava Frick is "the animal whisperer who makes miracles happen." Frick is the owner of the Animal Fitness Center and AvaFrick.com, which provides Animal fitness and physical therapy services for pets and other animals.

Dr. Frick started her veterinary career as a conventional practitioner who specialized in rabbits. Soon, she ventured into the field of chiropractic and animal rehabilitation. In 1997, Dr. Frick became interested in physical therapy and ventured into the human field, where she learned how to apply pet pain relief.

One of Dr. Frick's specialties is fur analysis. Dr. Frick states that this procedure allows her to diagnose mineral and vitamin deficiencies and toxicities in the body. Dr. Frick works closely with Dr. Paul Eck of ARL Labs in Phoenix Arizona, whose research has helped diagnose many conditions so that they can be treated appropriately.

Dr. Frick also specializes in show dogs and horses. Dr. Frick assesses gait analysis in order to improve the animals' performances. Dr. Frick's website offers several products, including pet food, supplements, rehab products and more. The doctor recently announced that all retail products are on sale in December. Dr. Frick is the member of several professional organizations, she is the author of a book 'Fitness in Motion' and NBC affiliate KSDK-TV is quoted as saying that what Dr. Frick does for animals is "nothing short of amazing".

For more information regarding Animal Fitness Center, the holiday product sale, or to learn more about Dr. Frick, visit AvaFrick.com.

About Animal Fitness Center and AvaFrick.com: Animal Fitness Center provides pain and physical therapy procedures for animals. Owned and operated by Dr. Ava Frick, who has been called a 'miracle worker' and 'St. Louis' own Animal Whisperer' by many, including KSDK-TV, the practice's goal is to allow every person seeking help at Animal Fitness Center to see their animal's quality of life improve.

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