Dog Lovers Get Professional Advice To Stop Dogs From Chewing

Dog lovers get professional advice from Dogtrainingspot on how to stop dogs chewing items around the house.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – Long Island, NY ( onlineprnews ) December 27, 2010 - Dog lovers get professional advice from Dogtrainingspot on how to stop dogs chewing items around the house. The site gives out the main reasons why the dog display such behaviors and offers the best dog obedience training tips ( ) to prevent the pup's destructive nibbling. The site also covers topics such as training aggressive dogs.

Chewing is a dog's choice in its playtime and it's their way to handle teething. It comes natural for dogs to chomp as it becomes an instinctual need to sharpen their teeth and improve their biting. Even if chewing can be viewed as a healthy and natural way for young dog's development, the pup can't be given a green light to crunch on everything in his sight.

It's important for dog owners to train dogs properly and for them to learn the difference on items that they can gnaw like chew toys and rope and those that are not like remote control, shoes, couch, and other household items. Instinctive chewing of dogs can also be dangerous for household members and for visitors and it's important for owners to train their dogs to stop chewing.

Canine professionals say dog's desire to chew make them pass time and it's their self-reinforcing activity. The chewing activity becomes an outlet for dogs who feel bored, anxious and isolated. The nervous dog's repetitive chewing soothes its nerves which can be translated as a comfort food.

Animal experts suggests to take control of the situation beforehand and to "dog proof" the home. Preventing the dog from learning the thrill of illegal chewing would discipline him from even attempting to do it and putting the home in order is the first important step. They say prevention is the key and the dog would get the message that it is inappropriate for him to chew household items.

Dogtrainingspot in particular recommends on providing chew toys like hard rubber toys, sterilized bones, nylabones and kong toys, so it can make the dog preoccupied and not go and chew on any item in sight. Also they suggest in avoiding scolding and castigating for it would be no use since this is a natural development for the puppy.