New ID Card Printers For Sale On Allow Businesses To Print ID Cards In-House
12/28/2010 has just announced the introduction of ID card printers from trusted brands to the website.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – The necessity for a new and improved ID card system is very clear., a trusted online dealer of ID card printing systems and accessories, has increased their range of id card printers to respond to this necessity. These printers come in a host of sizes with machines available which can print cards either single-sided or double sided. These new sets of equipment are not the only thing is bringing in however. They have also introduced a new range of proximity cards or access control cards into the marketplace which are essential for keeping employees in check.

Small businesses may not need an elaborate system but it is still essential for them to have some form of security. has various options for small companies including Evolis Tattoo 2 ID card printers. This is a relatively inexpensive machine which can print a single sided monochrome card in seven seconds. Color cards provide better security and this printer can print a full color card in 40 seconds.

Larger organizations which need something which can provide cards quicker may balk at the time it take smaller machines to produce a color ID card. Fortunately for such businesses, has just brought in a new range of Fargo DTC4000 single side ID card printers. These can produce a full color ID card within 24 seconds with a capacity of 100 cards a time. This means that the machine can be left to its own devices for 40 minutes before a refill is required.

According to, the most effective type of HID access card is one which has a large amount of electronic data on it. These cards may be encoded to contain specific data together with an access control system which only allows employees with limited access to certain areas of a building. The company can keep things under control because the unwelcomed visitor will only be able to access certain areas before they get caught. Once they have failed to gain entry to prohibited areas, it will be apparent to any security team that they do not belong in the building.

What has decided to do is open their range of double sided ID card printers to the public so that all businesses in need of top quality ID cards can print what they need in-house. For example, the new Evolis Securion ID card printer can be found on This printer prints full color laminated ID cards on both sides in 51 seconds.

The need for security in any business is guaranteed to increase. realizes this and aim to continue bringing forth new machines, id card software and proximity cards for companies in need of heightened security.

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