ZInternationalInsurance.com Launches New Temporary Health Insurance Option for Expatriates

zInternationalInsurance.com is the website of International Services Inc. and have introduced new insurance plans designed to help Americans who are in financial trouble as well as expatriates in need of a comprehensive insurance plan.

Online PR News – 30-December-2010 – – According to International Services, a financial services company, the common complaint among travelers is the inability of insurance companies to produce an array of plans which cover all angles. For example, one insurance company may have excellent short term plans but longer term ones are too expensive or not feasible. Likewise, other organizations are able to provide reasonable long term plans but short term insurance is seen as too expensive to be worth it. International Services Inc. knows that it is a mistake to disregard any type of insurance, whether someone is staying at home or going abroad. This is why they have introduced insurance plans that cover all needs from global long term insurance to temporary health insurance. These plans can be found on their website, http://www.zInternationalInsurance.com.

The short term insurance plans found on zInternationalInsurance.com are a new addition and are designed to make life easier for those struggling to afford insurance. Some of these benefits include:

* Choose A Policy Between One Month And Three Years - This form of temporary health insurance is ideal for an individual who is currently out of work and is not benefiting from a workplace health insurance policy. Another group of people that would prefer this form of insurance are those on COBRA health insurance or else people who have a waiting period before another health insurance policy takes effect. College students may also be interested in this policy

* Widespread Coverage - Although the level of coverage varies according to the state and type of plan, most plans cover consumers for surgery and hospital fees, outpatient doctor’s fees and prescription drugs.

ZInternationalInsurance.com is also delighted to announce that this temporary health insurance plan is available to all residents of the United States as well as their spouses and children. The plan only covers those under the age of 64 however.

Expatriates often have a problem in their new country as foreign citizens are not eligible for a number of health insurance plans. International Services Inc. is proud to announce their new global health insurance plan which takes care of American citizens, regardless of where they are in the world. They claim that their Expatriate Health Insurance plan is the best value for money package in the nation. It can be purchased in long and short term form. Long term global health insurance lasts for a minimum of one year with premiums payable monthly, annually, bi-monthly etc. The temporary health insurance option covers all periods of up to a year and is suitable for expatriates who are no intent on traveling back and forth between countries.

These plans can all be found on zInternationalInsurance.com and offer American citizens’ peace of mind when they are living abroad. There are also plans for those waiting to improve their financial status so they can purchase long term comprehensive insurance.

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