zInternationalStudent.com has New International Student Insurance For OPT Students

zInternationalStudent.com has announced new insurance packages designed especially for international students as well as those taking an OPT course.

Online PR News – 29-December-2010 – – International Services Inc. is a financial services company and enjoys close contacts with insurance companies all over the United States. This is why they are able to introduce their new international student insurance plans which cover those looking to study in America. This is available on http://www.zInternationalStudent.com, which also has news of another exciting development. Students doing Optional Practical Training (OPT) can also find insurance plans to suit them on the site.

In order for foreign students to successfully enroll in an educational institution, they must have international student insurance to prove they can pay for medical treatment should illness or injury occurs. This is a protective measure because students without insurance could find themselves in serious difficulty. A severe injury or medical condition that requires surgery could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Without insurance, how can students hope to afford this expenditure? ZInternationalStudent.com has a range of options for international students and it is easy to choose the best type of insurance coverage thanks to the easily navigable website.

All health insurance for students who originated from out of USA, is designed for those attending full time classes on a F1 visa as well as their spouses and dependents on F2. Insurance can be bought on zInternationalStudent.com for the long or short term with insurance coverage available which covers the student for five days. It is even possible for students to waive their university health plan when they sign with an insurance company on zInternationalStudent.com. International Services Inc. claims the quotes offered by companies on the site are hundreds of dollars cheaper than what is offered by colleges.

International students who are involved in OPT may not be eligible for health insurance from the university they attend similar health insurance plans. ZInternationalStudent.com are pleased to announce their special OPT health insurance for international students plan. OPT students usually undertake the program after completing undergraduate students and the plan offered by zInternationalStudent.com is similar to normal health insurance plans. OPT medical insurance covers dental expenses, prescription drug fees and emergency medical need amongst other things.

International Services Inc. has invited all international students to peruse their website in order to see what is being offered. They believe the prices quoted by the insurance companies on the site trump the packages given to students by the universities they attend.

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