ServerPulse Releases Linux Server Performance Monitoring Software

Smart and intelligent PHP-based hosted software launched by the company ServerPulse is an excellent server monitoring tool.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – The creator of the Status2k software has launched an advanced hosted server monitoring and statistics solution. This software that has been released is unique because it does not use an agent server statistics over SSH. Ian Purton of, the mastermind behind the creation of this intelligent software, is proficient in the use of programming languages like C, C++, Java and Linux as well as other Windows Operating Systems. He designed this Ruby on Rails application that is renowned as the most productive platforms in the world. As a professional programmer with a work experience of over fifteen years, he has worked for many satellite communications companies.

This software uses the ServerPulse agent script for data collection over SSH. No server-side installation is required and all the user has to do is use the same script for access to live web-based statistical data. This Linux Server Performance monitoring software was designed along with an inbuilt queue that lists all the tasks that are running on the server. The easy-to-use and user-friendly software console functions on any system that runs Secure Shell (SSH). All the required commands are executed remotely which eliminates the need of software installation. Apart from quick updates and server related information, this software displays work-related data and detailed server statistics every ten seconds. Comprehensive information regarding the disks and their capacity is also displayed on the screen along with server load information.

This software from ServerPulse has a number of tabs that are easily navigable. These well-organized tabs help the user move between the different information consoles pertaining to server contacts, server settings and monitor settings. The server memory is also displayed in terms of percentage usage. For more granular and detailed information, the user also has an option to drill down for access to the server-related historical data. The total memory usage is plotted on a graph over different time period that range from a single day to a week to an entire year. Unexpected spikes signal server intrusion. Using the same tool, memory usage trends can also be spotted and predicted. If you want to configure alerts, this can also be done quickly and easily as the software automatically records all these incidents that exceeded the fixed limits set by the user.