Tuppy, A Brand New Social Networking Tool Helps Users Manage All The Top Social Networking Websites

Tuppy is a highly innovative tool that helps users integrate all the top social networking websites and manage their social networking tasks from a single window. There is no need to switch between multiple web pages for social networking.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – Central District - Tuppy, a brand new social platform helps both active social networking users as well as business professionals organize and manage their online profiles easily. Using Tuppy, users will be able to unify their profiles in all the top social networking platforms including but not limited to MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, YouTube, Last.fm and more. It is now possible to manage all these profiles from a single window. Updating one’s profiles in all the top social networking platforms becomes easier than ever. There is no need to visit several pages to update one’s profile anymore.

Social networking for both business use and for pleasure is now made more convenient and easy. Those who engage in active social networking will find Tuppy highly useful as this tool will help them save a considerable amount of time. Tuppy comes with number of innovative tools which enhances the online social networking experience of the users. The integrated approach to social networking from Tuppy has received a great welcome from the users.

A lot of social networking tasks can be handled using Tuppy such as photo sharing, managing amateur blogs, online photo storage, uploading videos, posting and receiving comments etc. All these can be managed from a single window now without having to deal with multiple tabs and windows. Tuppy was built on Ruby on Rails 3.0 which is considered one of the most innovative and powerful framework best suited for such projects. Tuppy includes number of interesting tools and features that adds value to its free service.

All the features of Tuppy can be accessed free of cost. Tuppy is a very safe platform and users can be 100% sure of their online security while using this innovative online social networking tool. Tuppy will continue to increase the number of social networks it supports making itself as exhaustive as possible so that more and more users can enjoy the benefits of this creative tool. To know more about this versatile social networking tool please visit Tuppy.com.
Andrii Kuntsiv is author of this article on amateur blogs.
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