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X-fat.com is one of the leading online retailers of at-home workout programs, such as the P90X Workout, the Insanity Workout, and Hip Hop Abs. The website has added a new reviews section featuring in depth details of each P90X Workout, along with exceptional content and advice for people of all fitness levels.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – The P90X Workout was created by Tony Horton in conjunction with Beach body, and is a 90 day workout regimen that consists of resistance training, ply metrics, cardio, core and ab work, kenpo, yoga and stretching. The trainee goes through three phases, with each phase featuring a different combination of workouts so as to prevent your body from hitting a plateau. This randomization of workouts creates something trainer Tony Horton calls ‘muscle confusion’, and he cites it as the secret of the workout’s success.
The P90X package also consists of an in depth and lengthy nutrition guide, a workout guide, and a workout schedule. The nutrition guide was designed by professional nutritionists, and matches the workout’s three phase system, while the workout guide walks a novice trainee through all the aspects of the regimen, explaining and educating them on what to expect and how to maximize their results.
The secret behind the P90X workout lies in something called "muscle confusion". The muscle confusion process prevents your workouts from reaching a plateau where the effectiveness begins to taper off. When different muscles are used in various exercise routines, your muscles never stop growing -- letting you gain additional benefits from your workouts.
The P90X program lasts for 90 days, and it lays out a clear and easy to follow roadmap for transforming your body from regular to rip. By following the set workout schedule and included P90X Nutrition Plan, any and all guesswork related to getting super fit is eliminated.
P90X is an answer to your all time worries of getting six pack abs from the comforts of your home. P90X is a remarkable home exercise fitness system that helps you achieve overall fitness in just 90 days. Yes, unlike quick weight loss formulas this system works on your whole body rather than targeting just your abs.
The new power90x review page on the Extreme Fitness Results community portal provides a detailed look at each of the twelve workouts. The reviews are lengthy, and present not only Tony Horton’s own words as he introduces each workout, but give general overviews, Tony Horton’s Tip of the Day, and a step by step break down of what each workout consists of, from warm up to cool down.
“With so much hype out there, it’s important to provide our customers with a non-biased, objective review of these workouts,” said X-fat.com spokesperson Reviews CEO Esteban Bressan. “For those curious to learn more about what they’re getting into, who want to know what all the fuss about, we hope these reviews will provide answers. And we’re confident they’ll see that there really is substance behind all the media frenzy.”
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