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SimplyTrak provides GPS Tracking systems for high value vehicles and personnel. In the UK, they are reputed for their tracking software for static asset as well as relaying of performance data.

Online PR News – 28-December-2010 – – For Immediate Release

African initiative led by Simplytrak’s technology

Brough, United Kingdom, December 22nd, 2010 – UK asset tracking expert Simplytrak ( has had its groundbreaking technology noticed by some major players in the world market.

One of the largest phone and communications companies in the world has engaged Simplytrak to develop a version of its asset control application that will enable operatives in African remote stations to keep an eye on mobile phone masts and their compounds. The contract, which cements Simplytrak’s status as one of the fastest growing success stories of 2010, has come about as recognition of the unique way in which the company has applied itself to the business of keeping track of client’s vehicles, possessions and machinery.

The asset tracking technology developed by Simplytrak ( is largely computer based – which means that it can be installed in any business for a relatively small amount of money. The benefits are immediate and far reaching, enabling companies to keep tight control of all their moveable assets. Basic features include security alerts for unauthorised movement or an appearance in a defined no go area; the ability to know the exact location of all company assets in real time; increased security for high value assets; and the ability to report on asset behaviour over days, weeks, months and years. Using these reports, asset owners can build models of total company asset behaviours, which enable them to streamline processes, tighten securities and so on, so that maximum profitability and up time is maintained across the board.

Simplytrak’s asset tracking system is also able to deliver exact real time information about the status of an asset – its fuel level, its speed, its ambient temperature. Anything that can be gauged by an instrument can be transmitted to the Simplytrak system – which means that whole assets can be monitored remotely and securely, even if they are in Africa.

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Simplytrak is a highly successful UK asset tracking company. Their high tech GPS tracking systems has made tracking mobile assets and personnel convenient, time saving and cost effective.

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